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Transformation Coaching

Transformation coaching offers you the opportunity to apply transformation techniques for increasing your change management, balance, adaptability and flow in your life. Because this is a practice and way of life, they are not offered as individual sessions. You may join our BASIC mini session held periodically or purchase our 9 month one-on-one PLUS package. 

This is coaching to increase our ability to be manage change by bringing them forth from the inside out, becoming more aware of our selves and our surroundings so we can be more attentive to the ebb and flow of life. We are all aware of ourselves and our environment sometimes but this is increasingly becoming more difficult. In addition, some people are not aware of what it is they truly desire, their purpose or their life's mission.  While, transformation is natural, in our busy world filled with distractions many people are operating on autopilot often feeling blindsided by changes in their lives. Transformation can become a more fluid process when we put our conscious and subconscious mind to work for us instead of against us.

Sessions are beneficial for anyone who:

  • may have an unrealistic expectation of what they have control over
  • someone who struggles with developing self-mastery
  • lacking in self knowledge and out of touch with reality
  • living a life they no longer want
  • lack deep understanding of their natural flow
  • lack discernment of their desires
  • lacks focus and find themselves living a life they no longer desire
  • have unrealistic expectations of time and space and how long real change takes
  • have trouble manifesting what they desire in life
  • holding onto negative belief systems which no longer works


Mini group sessions held periodically to help you enhance your awareness in everyday life. These mini sessions are online and run for about 30 minutes. Group sessions require two or more people to be held as scheduled. No group sessions on holidays. Announcements will be made in advance. *Mini group sessions do not include action plans and techniques. Anyone can attend.

I facilitate conversations that can help you to:
Ease into a transformation (seasonal transformations)
Connect with changes happening in our environment or in your body 

Identify disharmony between your "essence" and the external world

Get inspired by change

How this works:

Sessions include transformation techniques and guided journey or meditation



These are our highly personalized one-on-one long-term private sessions. I offer a 9 month package which meets monthly (or more frequently if desired.) All sessions are online. No additional fees for unlimited texting or email in between sessions. This package is for the serious student who is ready to commit to long term coaching. This package includes initial 80 minutes session on the first day. Followed by 50 minutes sessions monthly for 8 more months. Handouts, mini-workbook, regular assignments, and detailed/extensive monitoring and follow-up is included.

For PLUS partners, sessions includes email and text follow-up in between each session specifically designed to keep you on tract and to track your progress.  As a collaborative partner and your source of encouragement, I work best with those who are committed to being open, honest, forthcoming, willing and ready to take action and responsibility for their self-healing work.

I facilitate conversations that can help you to:

Ease into a transformation (seasonal transformations)
Connect with changes happening in our environment or in your body 

Identify disharmony between your "essence" and the external world

Get inspired by change

Develop and nurture confidence (PLUS)
Through inner search,  consider a wider range of possibilities, options or solutions (PLUS)
Challenge limiting belief system or past conditioning (PLUS)
Learn mind-healing techniques to develop an empowered state of mind (PLUS)
Maintain your focus on a desired outcome (PLUS)
Create and monitor an actionable plan (PLUS)
Make life affirming decisions (PLUS)

How this works:
All sessions include TRANSFORMATION LIFE COACHING techniques to help you eliminate re-occurring negative life patterns
Review life patterns and re-establish new ones
Setting intuitive AND practical goals for the months ahead
Creating change consciously vs operating on "auto-pilot"
Learn and practice how to develop a new mind-set
Focus by working on a 30 or 60 days targets at a time
Monthly assignments and tracking of your progress
Each session is different and may include other transformational tools as needed


focus your mind by understanding the priorities in our lives
reduce brain chatter (monkey mind)
employ techniques which moves you beyond your fears
practice being accountable for transformation in your live
become more attentive to subtle messages
boost creativity and expand your perspective of what's possible
concentrate better and get clearer on your desired outcomes
regain power of mental self-control
embrace full presence at home, at work, and in other activities
reshape your relationship those in your life