by Irmina Ulysse, Independent Holistic Health Practitioner, Artist, and Minister 

  Biospiritreality Wellness Arts Center

(Previously OsuMarassa Consciousness)
3 Months Individual/Private 1:1 Program

Indigenous Metaphysics
Is this program for you?

We've loved it if you could join our growing community. However, Creative Arc Consciousness is uniquely designed to support people who have had their ancestral systems stripped from them and are seeking a bridge to personal liberation. This unique system which, rooted in indigenous African spiritual philosophy is designed to support mind healing from the ramifications of social indoctrinations. It is self-help and  personal development through ancestral reconnections and deep self-acceptance. Students go through a personal process of rediscovery, reconnection, and remembering of the whole self.

Irmina Ulysse, Creator of CAC, ARC (Architect) and BSR (BioSpiritReality)

Do you have an open mind? Do you need help aligning with your purpose using inclusive metaphysical principles? Do you need guidance for harmonizing conflicting aspects of your life? Do you work well online independently?

While you may need support, you also have a strong need for self definition. You are unique and you like it that way. Does this sound like you? If you answered yes to all the questions above, please continue. 
You may have a real passion for self reflection alone, yet at times you need a little guidance and community support. You do not want dogma or mandates that restrict your natural flow. You seek a coach or mentor who will support you in your development periodically, often through the tougher decisions. You want flexibility. You hate feeling tied down as you value seeing the real you enfold organically. You've learned how to work productively with a mentor. Most importantly, you want to understand indigenous links to Western metaphysics.  

Do you value autonomy from spiritual authority?  Do you need higher level knowledge, but not sure what that is?

You are a seeker! 

Do you value autonomy from spiritual authority yet seek support and knowledge from an "elder student of life?"  You may have struggled with antiquated systems which limited your freedom of self-expression in the past so you want none of it.  Yet you need support and wisdom. You may be seeking guidance from someone that will respect your personal authority over your life. You are independent thinker, but open to new ideas.

Do you sense there's truth in all systems? Do you see yourself as a Cosmopolitan instead of being limited to one location?

Do you somehow know that there's a deeper truth in all religious systems but may not be able to articulate it yet or fully understand it? You find a little bit of truth in many systems worldwide and understand no one group has the knowledge of ultimate reality and probably never will. You seek to learn the foundation on which many systems were build upon. You seek the deeper truth, the core, the untouched Soul of spirituality.

Do you sometimes feel ambivalent about this world?

Do you sometimes feel ambivalent about this world and maybe even suspicious of religions and spiritual groups, but seek the community and knowledge they may have to offer? You may see yourself as spiritual but not religious, but may not be sure what that really means for you yet or how to move forward without loosing independence. You find yourself seeking refuge in nature, yoga, Zen studies, solitude and silence.  Balance is very important to you.

Do you see God as being within all of us?

Do you have or seek a personal relationship with your inner Godself? Are seeking to develop a closer relationship with the full spectrum of your divine nature? Do you understand or seek to understand that you are the Most High God in quality, but not in quantity.  That while our Creator is in all of us, we cannot reflect its quantity except in community. Do you view your Godself as a state of higher consciousness that is within us all? 

*Are you seeking philosophical, mythology and metaphysical understanding of root systems?

*Some of you may be ready to dive into self ministry and deep connections with your ancestors. If so, are you seeking an indepth understanding of the mythology, metaphysics, and philosophy of Vodou and other earth honoring metaphysical systems? Do you seek to  learn and understand the first metaphysical roots and connections that binds all other systems to the earth.  

If our questions resonated with you deeply in your heart, mind, and Soul, then you may be right fit for our course.

This is a self-practice course offered annually. An application and interview is required before you can participate. Please complete the form below and allow a few days for response. Once you complete the course, you are invited to become a graduate member of our community.  

My facilitation style or method

I bring insights and wisdom  from many different spiritual practices. 

Firstly, I offer a sympathetic ear and a knowing intelligence that enables my students and clients to see their world and situation from a different perspective. Through the capacity to hold what some see as conflicting ideas, I help students honor their own inner wisdom. Through sacred arts teachings, loving kindness presence, and firm support, I present and offer opportunities to lighten distress or a trouble mind, gain inner understanding, self-acceptance, well-being and a renewed faith in your Higher Self and the world. 

The foundation of my training is as one born with a "don" or gift from my Haitian Vodou tradition. I am known as a creative, a philosopher and "Pitit Fey" or daughter with comic knowledge of herbs.  Because I have studied African, Eastern philosophies, earth-honoring indigenous teachings, and Western metaphysics, my work has a universal approach. I integrate my understanding of many different views including modern health sciences. I study and present from multiple perspectives, so that I can honor the whole of humanity. 

I approach inner healing through a practice of bringing conscious awareness to those aspects of ourselves that cause distress and resistance. I've been called a "grandmother" spirit, I think its because my style is nurturing yet firm. I bring excitement to learning while maintaining focus on responsibility and growth. Helping you gain deeper self awareness, higher knowledge and reconnection with your innermost divine self is the focus of my work.  I work well with mature individuals who respect the process of learning. As such my students and clients are coachable, teachable and flexible. They can adjust to a new approach when necessary. Most importantly, they hold are respectful in their interactions with everyone in our community. If this does not describe you, please do not apply. I welcome those who are ready for deep transformation, healing and community support. 

Who are my clients?

I've worked with a variety of people from all walks of life. Typically they are:
Women, single/married and with or without children. They work at home or outside the home. I serve mostly women and girls and that is my preference as I understand their life challenges well. 

However I do work with many men who can relate to my style. Both my training and experience supports accessing and developing our sacred feminine or womanhood.

In addition, I support those less fortunate (youth, elderly, socially "outcast,")  in our society. 

Various Age Groups:  I do not limit age groups, I find I attract mostly a wide range of people. I mentor young women and girls in learning to access and listen to their Soul compass as they unfold their true personhood..

Open-Minded Spiritual Seekers:  It is wise to have a curious mind and still be cautious. I work well with those who are open, yet practical and prefer to be well informed and discerning. If you are not there yet, that's fine. 

Non-Denominational: My  approach is  multi-dimensional and non-localized as I have embraced my own multi-dimensional selves. I comfortably speak "speak indigenous,  metaphysical, traditional, and universal" spiritual languages that does not exclude any tradition - specially African-based traditions. 
Seekers of deeper knowledge of self:  I make sure to deliver important messages to support my clients in the best way possible. I work well with those who are ready and willing to receive deeper self awareness and knowledge. 

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