(Life Wheel Reading)

Gain knowledge and wisdom of the 12+1 unique personal laws coded in your DNA

 We all have universal laws that we must follow to maintain harmony in our lives.

In addition, we have personal laws. In this system, your 12+1 (you) laws that are based on your lineage (DNA), behaviors and karmic decisions are revealed to you in ways you can understand and apply them in your life daily.

These laws set the vibrational tone of your life and influence all areas of your life, from the mundane to the more complex. When you are in alignment, you vibrate higher, you are protected from harm, and things seem to go your way. When out of alignment, you struggle to find your way and find it most difficult to break out of a rut or destructive habits. With an understanding of these laws and how they operate with your natural cycle, you'll understand why certain cycles seem to repeat themselves until you learn them.

About Biospiritreality™ Consultation (life Wheel Reading): 

This is my signature consultation for overall wellness and spiritual development. This is ideal for those who are genuinely concerned about aligning with their Soul's purpose and life's mission.  It is one of the most comprehensive modern divination tools around. With a focus on integration, wellbeing, and alignment, we will look into 12 areas of your life and provide a detailed overview in terms of the habits you must develop and ritualized into your life to bring forth wholeness of spirit, equilibrium of mind, homeostasis of body, and greater harmony. 

Recommendations and remedies based on these principles are also provided. 

* 13th law is you.

Your laws will also help you understand what fulfillment and actualization can (or will) look like for you in the distant future. 


Real-life solutions for navigating the many crossroads of your life. 

This is a non-religious but spiritual tool that anyone can use regardless of personal spiritual alignment. However, if your system does not condone divination, you are advised not to use it.

At the end of the session you will know:

Your #1 personal law -  the one you are so tied to that breaking it often causes havoc in your life.

Your #13 law is you. The 11 other laws have various degrees of influence.

All consultations are instructional. While they are spiritually medicinal, they cannot be used to bypass personal responsibility over our lives. Once a reading is done, you must take action to habituate these laws into your life. Your practice will help you to understand how your laws have direct impact in your day to day and how you can alter them. Because these laws create the vibrational current and under-tone in our lives, when out of alignment we tend to feel great pain, anxiety, depression and sometimes suffer for years. This I share from personal experience and as a witness. 

Some of your laws may be ancestral or lineage based and may affects multiple members in your family.

Biospiritreality Consultation is a trademark form of multi-sensory system that's over 10 years in the making. It uses a full spectrum wheel of life, bibliomancy, African-based divination, the tree of life, and numerology combined for syncretic and integrative work.  It's a system for personal development. It's a tool for greater alignment, self-knowledge, acceptance, and is great for building esteem and confidence. 

It will confirm what you already suspected about yourself and does not supplant the power and responsibility you have over your life. It can help you to stop second-guessing yourself as you will begin to recognize when and how often you go out of alignment with these personal laws. 

At the end of the reading, you will receive:

The 1 (one) major universal law which has the most impact in all areas of your life (positively or negatively).

11 additional universal laws which also impact your life in various degrees.

How these laws are at the root or the foundation of values you may currently uphold.

We also discuss solutions and taboos that helps you to cultivate the primary law which governs your experiences in your life.

We will discuss devotional practices and how to stay in alignment with your law by making its observation a part of your daily life.

How to practice self compassion, courage, and make periodic adjustments when you get off tract.

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“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”
Muhammad Ali

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Training is available for members of Creative Arc Consciousness or for returning students who have demonstrated higher intuitive abilities. Become one of the first consultants to provide this service to your community. This consultative reading is about building one's character for greater alignment with Soul's purpose, fulfillment and harmony. 

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