Esprits Razin / Sodotutu 

 Haitian born artist, holistic health practitioner, and spiritual guide

Session 8 (Resources)

Week 8: Sacred Art of Feminine Manifestation and Mystical Radiance


Understanding Your Kundalini or Light Within

Esoteric Knowledge of the Sacred Secret of the Christ Within

The main purpose of this video for a student at your level is for you to recognize the importance of your daily habits (sleep, eating, sex, and other living rituals) in your journey of enlightenment and transformation. As you craft your ritual and schedule, keep in mind the information from this video. This is occulted esoteric knowledge which breaks down the Christos oil which comes from the cerebrum and its journey through your body. 
In our terms, this is about Legba, Dambala, Osumare, Ogou, and Shango and how they are represented in your body temple. 

Cleansing Your Space

During the next week or two focus on cleansing your space by using the tools in the cleansing your home and bath document.  This is important as it supports your transition and re-integration outside of the course.

Archangel Samael

This Archangel is significant on this path. We do not achieve higher levels of consciousness. It arrives to us as a state of being that is a byproduct of cause and effect within oneself. If the cause is not there, neither will the effect. I recommend if this archangel speaks to you to research it through meditation first. Go where you are guided by your Soul. Samuel is closely related to Ogou to me, so I see why there is so much confusion as to the attributes of this energy.

"We have learned that Samael, THE ANGEL, descended from heaven riding on this Serpent at that time. All the creatures saw his image and fled from him. Then SAMAEL AND THE SERPENT approached the woman with words, and brought death upon the world." - Zohar