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In order to understand WHAT we see when we see entities, the following is IMPORTANT to watch and reflect on.
Articles on vision and light! For discussion purposes.
Please note all of these are from a Western perspective AND therefore there are perceptual errors in all of these articles and videos. To perceive millions of colors you need to be able to see them. Most do not. We can discuss some of these as a group (if necessary).

Extra Sensory and "Super Powers"

Some senses that are common to many, specially people who are close to nature,  are seen as "super" to others. Two of these senses include Tetrachromancy and Synethesia. They are referred to by science as "special." But they are not. All humans have this ability, but most have it dormant or DE-EVOLVED! If you can see in the dark, hear your food, etc. these tools are active within you. There's many more. HOW does this happen? What programs us to see things in this way? This will be explained in the next session.