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What are sacred journey courses?
These are animistic and mystical courses based on universal spiritual principles.  They are courses for the healer, the creative artist, and spiritual seekers. 
They serve the purse of healing, transforming and becoming more true to yourself using nature, spirit guides and alchemy as your teacher.

If you are seeking:
1) spiritual and earth honoring options
2) alignment with your deeper inner knowing
3) personal experience and expression of mysticism

These courses may be right for you.
They are unlikely to enter the linear, dual, or "right-brained" thinking individual and make much sense. In that regard, they are not a good fit for those thinking types.. Another words, they are for the open-minded individuals who prefers to  "think" using  the mind, heart, and the gut. 

These courses includes lectures and practicum which enables the student to develop proficiency in inner and outer alchemy. 

What is animism?  Animism is the knowledge and practice that honors and respects the spiritual essence of animals, plants, rivers, mountains, and other entities in nature. Animism is the oldest form of spiritual cognition on the planet. It is a nature honoring. It recognizes the Creator in all things or what some will say is the  "spirit in all things." The Animist word comes from the Latin anima, "breath, spirit, life." 

What is mysticism? Mysticism is the direct experience with the divine.  These courses encourage a direct or unmediated experiences with the divine essence or God in all things. This enables students of any faith to learn the spiritual science without the dogma. 

These courses are suitable for those who are open-minded and have had experience with traditional and indigenous systems.   

* Certificate of Completion is provided.

Our journey courses are very informative. These are intermediate to advanced level classes for holistic healers and lay students with at least five years prior experience as mystics or healers. Beginners or students with little or no experience are encouraged to check out the free videos and radio shows first. 

Sacred Song Initiates - A Haitian Folk Chant Course
Spirit Allies (Ancestral and Nature) - Spirit Guide Course
Water Ceremonies 

Courses are a series of lessons on a particular subject designed for personal transformation and empowerment. Most courses are 2 to 12 lessons in length. 

What are your credentials for teaching earth based classes? Are you a Shaman or Mambo (Vodou priest)?
Neither. Shamanism is a term which has different meaning to different people today. Like so many other ancient practices, there's often a mis-use or overuse of these terminologies. I use the rattle, drum, chants, and dance to induce trance or non-ordinary states of consciousness. This comes naturally to me and I have been doing it all my life.  In that respect I have the "gift" of accessing altered states quickly and naturally (without psychotropic plants). I also experience prophetic visions both awake and in dream states. I've studied and practiced Vodou as a Sevite - or for self-help. I come from a lineage or familial practice which has always worked with the lwas as long as we remember. I've studied the Orisas and Native American spirituality. But I do not call myself a shaman or Mambo out of respect to those whose purpose is to serve in those positions. Some people spend 30-40 years of study in their respective cultures. It can be said that I am a Piti Feille, or daughter of Herbs because natural medicine spirits are my teachers. In addition, I have the responsibility to study preserve aspects of Haiti's history through the art of dance and chanting. In that respect, I have been called a wisdom keeper.