by Irmina Ulysse, Independent Holistic Health Practitioner, Artist, and Minister 

  Biospiritreality Wellness Arts Center


What type of ministry are you offering?

My ministry is an integration of  metaphysical and mystical teachings. It is based on universal philosophy which has withstood the tests of time. Metaphysical and mystical have slight variation in their meanings depending who you ask.  University of Sedona where I obtained my degree describes it this way.

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies the ultimate nature of existence, reality, and experience without being bound to any one theological doctrine or dogma. Metaphysics includes all religions but transcends them all. Metaphysics is the study of ultimate cause in the Universe.

Here's how Webster dictionary defines it.
Metaphysics definition is - a division of philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality and being and that includes ontology, cosmology, and often epistemology.

Here's how I define both for myself.
Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that helps us explore ultimate nature of our existence. Mysticism is the experience of union with universal consciousness and deepest inner realities.  

*All cultures have their metaphysics and mysticism.  

Who do you support spiritually? how?
While I am a metaphysical minister by trade, as a spiritual teacher who offers spiritual advise for mind healing (metaphysical) and shamanic wisdom (mystical) perspective. I support adults, mostly women single and with families, with a range of life issues. I specifically counsel those who seek to re-discover the highest version of themselves and become more intuitive in day to day life. I help people connect with the Creator of their understanding and their genetic lines. I also help many people understand their "animal" and environmental nature through the practice of spirit guides and spirit animals . I have come to know that it is through our direct experience with the divine that some people find the healing they seek.

I work online and in person but do not teach with a "church" format. My ministry is educational first and foremost. 

What is your religion?

Religion is a term with a specific meaning. Wiki describes it as Religion may be defined as a cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, worldviews, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics, or organizations, that relates humanity to supernatural, transcendental, or spiritual elements. However, there is no scholarly consensus over what precisely constitutes a religion

My religion if I were to described as such is simply this: I have a personal relationship with my Creator which recognizes divine nature some call God in all people, places, and things. Everything is a part of this unknown, unseen, universally creator. I honor and respect all of it both what I see and what I don't see. I chose not to be adherent to any set religion or bind myself to one spiritual system. Instead after living over half a century, I have found it best for me to honor and cultivate a personal relationship with my Creator, to help others who desire the same. To live by universal principles that do good, encourages me to be good, and promote good on this planet. 

Do you have a spiritual house? Do you have goddaughters? 

No, I do not have a house and I do not have spiritual goddaughters. Quite a few people do call me Mama, but its a term of endearment. I do not prosthetized or recruit religious converts. Nor do I seek followers, I am vehemently against it. This is not in alignment with my teaching ministry and goes against my personal journey. I prefer to help people better themselves through education and mind expansion, lead a more balance life through practice, and when the time comes to move to the next teacher so they continue to grow. 

We live in a time where all universal knowledge is within our grasp and I embrace those that advance our collective consciousness. This is not something I just say, this is something I've lived for decades. As part of my divine path and after many years of study and experience, I've chosen a path which has evolved my mind and one that challenges the status quo to help a more inclusive and loving world. 

Copyright 2018 by Irmina Ulysse

FAQ - Divination

I get a lot of questions about divination. The following section is focused on divination only. 

Most mystics offer divination? Do you do divination and how does it work?

Yes, sometimes. Each life is contained within a universal womb and as it unfolds or manifests, we can access information contained in this space. Some people, like myself, are gifted with the ability to see into the unseen world or void and communicate information back. Some people learn to do this through study and practice. I've done both. Everyone can do this, this is not some special skill reserved for special people. However some are better at it for many reasons. Practice, generational experiences, and their openness to receive. I strongly advocate learning to divine for oneself. Middlemen are good sometimes, but not always necessary. A diviner can help you to confirm what you know.

Is divination dangerous? Is it bad?

Yes, no. Every remedy is also potential poison. This is one reason some entities will warn against divination. Is a knife bad? Yes, when used to harm. Is it good, yes when used to cook your food. So no, divination is not dangerous or bad in itself but people have a tendency to abuse good things. There are many examples, like sugar for example, a little is fine. But so many people are dying due to its abuse, we could call it bad as well. 

When not done with highest character and in balance, divination can often interfere with the spiritual growth of the seeker and can cause great damage when used to avoid our ability to respond (responsibility) to spiritual and living principles. It is a tool that is best used in moderation, for example quarterly and when an issue comes up and clarity is needed. It is not an impulsive tool. For some people its best used annually.

How do I go about getting a reading?

Ultimately, it would be best to learn how to divine for yourself as your higher self is your best teacher. That is the part of the Creator that can best inform you. Until such time, seeking divination from a reputable person can and does help. I do not offer divination as a separate service but it can be included in a consultation when appropriate. I recommend using it to complement transformative and evolutionary work you are already doing to improve your character and situation in life. Unfortunately there are many "charlatans" in this field. I can recommend diviners who are reputable, conscientious and spiritually gifted. 

What's the difference between an oracle, psychic readings and other mediums?

It depends who you ask. An oracle is an  "eye" that sees. In antiquity, it means "agency or medium of a god". Some people use the word oracle to refer to the tool they use to see such divination cards. Others refer to themselves as oracles. 

Psychic skills are ancient human skills and abilities which have been suppressed over time. These skills are sensory and biological in nature. They include our ability to hear, see, sense things from a distance and into other spaces, times, and places. At some point in time, all humans had those abilities. I find the obsession with psychic skills a bit off putting. We don't obsess with our ability to understand language, but that too is a "psychic" skill because it involves our psyche.  Anyone  can all learn to develop these skills so we can better communicate with nature and each other again. But not everyone should. For some people psychic abilities are too unsettling. In those instances, a professional psychic who is reputable can support. But take care not to elevate these people higher than yourself. They are just like you and me. The same applies to all mediums. They have varying levels of this skillset, but ultimately, it is their character first and foremost which should inform your decision to work or not work with a seer. 

Are psychics and oracles the same?

Anyone can learn psychic skills but not everyone is an Oracle.  An Oracle is a highly gifted person with spiritual inner visions, intuition, and insights beyond most people. The practice takes a lot of work to learn to manage the embodiment of spirits.  Their understanding of symbols of the deep mind is beyond what is available in books or online course.  People are "born" this way or have had a life changing experience which activated their ability to "know". Also a well trained Oracle is able and is comfortable with the supplanting of ego which allows an unblemished message to come through.  This is sometimes referred to as possessions, which is different than most channeling. Keep in mind this can work on a spectrum.  Some people try but can never achieve a cosmic possession due to inability to let the ego go fully. In some cultures, oracle reading is considered a form of prophecy or spiritual vision, Oracles can display a full range of talents. Some Oracles rarely do public reading as they include visions, words, prophetic night visions and day journeys which is beyond what we are used to seeing.

Copyright 2018 by Irmina Ulysse