by Irmina Ulysse, Independent Holistic Health Practitioner, Artist, and Minister 

  Biospiritreality Wellness Arts Center


Esprit Razin (ER) presentations and educational projects are for those interested in the vast and complex culture of Haitian people from a diaspora perspective. Taught from my own experiences, we explore the complex system which makes up Haitian indigenous spirituality. 

I seek to provide another perspective to balance some of the more superficial information, propaganda, and sensationalism that's available in the world stage today. 

As a Creole (mixed origins) people, there are multiple perspectives on Haitian culture.  From the purist to the obscene and everything else in between. Too often only certain voices are able or are chosen to speak. My voice is "diasporic" in nature as reflects my understanding of the deeply spiritually rooted Haitians living in the diaspora. 


After years of offering sacred art classes rooted in my culture, I now offer two distinct presentations and one course to inspire and educate..

Decolonizing of My Vodou - an engaging 1 hour chanting, storytelling, dancing, and inspiring educational presentation about my personal spiritual journey. It includes brief history of Haiti and audience engagement. My book Humina is available for sale. (See Presentation Fee Chart)

  • The Intersection of Vodou and Modern Medicine - a 1 hour educational and interactive presentation that dispels myths and informs. (See Presentation Fee Chart)

  • Sevi Tet Monthly Group Gathering - a gathering of students for cultural and spiritual development. In this experiential educational course, spiritual students learn about Haitian culture from a wholistic (whole) perspective. This course is not available to the general public and is opened to new students on an annual basis. We explore the differences and similarities of African, Western, and Eastern cultural philosophy and study teleological medicine which is only one aspect of culture. In the future, we seek to travel both in the US and abroad. *Due to our concern with economic exploitation of indigenous knowledge and centuries of demonization of cultures worldwide, this course is only available to the student with a genuine interest in personal development through Haitian spiritual knowledge and culture. Fee is nominal. It covers light refreshments and rental space. 

Many who are interested in Haitian spirituality and culture often find its academic studies too detached and what's most available too corrupted or "uninformed."  This is where I come in. My work is intentionally non-academic yet integrated enough to help bridge the gap between practitioners and academia. 

When what's available to you doesn't offer enough depth or is devoid of the spirit of the people, contact me for presentation or become a member of our study group.