by Irmina Ulysse, Independent Holistic Health Practitioner, Artist, and Minister 

  Biospiritreality Wellness Arts Center

Ésprits Razin

Ésprits Razin (Root Spirits) is an informal and sacred creative art project which seeks to promote and explore Ayitian (Haiti) folk singing using my natural voice in collaboration with other local artists. It is a celebration spirituality, poetry, chanting, storytelling, dancing and so much more.

Natural voice singing is a method that’s used worldwide in indigenous societies in whereas one can chant and explore the power of storytelling using the most natural and inherent qualities unique to the individual’s voice. This type of chanting and storytelling is known in the Ayiti (Haiti) as Kont Chante and as a grio in African traditions. 

Chanting can focus on spectrum of color of our vocal texture, guttural sounds, and emotions. My chanting is no different. While modern singing and its pedagogy tends to focus on producing a technical structured sound and voice, indigenous and "folk singing" produce something quite different. This is silently being researched or explored  in many music schools for his inherent quality to heal, bridge differences, and build community.

In the past, these indigenous and natural vocal sounds were (and in some cases still are) seen as "inferior" or primal and relegated to a special niche. However, we known this form of singing has been used since time immemorial. We know there's inherent value for healing and building. Something that's needed now more than ever. I select Ayitian (Haitian) chants which offer the vantage point of honoring and promoting Ayitian (Haitian) culture not just as a tool for enjoyment, but also as transformative and beneficial to all people. 

I invite artists and venue holders to reach out to me for possible collaboration.


Chanting alone is fun, but chanting in community is amazing!

Are you an artist, visionaries, musicians, wisdom keepers, or spiritual architect?

I'm always seeking new forms of expressive artist to join me for cultural and artistic promotion and expressions.  In 2019, I want to further explore an eclectic mix of artists in order to unveil the healing potential embedded in collaborative sacred arts.  


 (1) honor and promote the creative and spiritual arts of Haiti and the Caribbean as a natural whole person healing root system

 (2) support the creative and spiritual work of Haitians and Caribbean sacred artist in the diaspora through research, publications, and finance

 (3) provide sacred arts education and healing services for those seeking authentic Caribbean sacred arts and related metaphysical systems

(4) support the elevation of consciousness of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, social status or income


If this sounds interesting to you, simply fill out the form below. I accept artist whose values, missions and purpose are in alignment with mine. All artists must be comfortable with roots and indigenous music as a tool for personal and community liberation not simply as a form of entertainment. 


 Contact me



Visual Artist, Musician, Spiritual and Immersion Tour Leader
Baltimore, MD

“My art always has subtle messages about how I experience culture. Now, the intensity of my message is stronger. It’s more spiritual. It’s more conscious.” Tetpwav’s current graphics and paintings show the contrasting experience of human tragedy and human triumph. You can also join him on one of his spiritual journey experiences to connect with sacred energy sites in Haiti. His team is ready to share their extensive knowledge, unique perspective, and deep wisdom. 


*Haitian Drumming / Chanting

*Sacred Tours/Experiences in Haiti

*Kreyol Classes

*Performances & Teaching Engagements

*Visual Art

Tetpwav is available in the US and Haiti.

Email: [email protected]

Marc-kensen Curvinglines 

Artist, Writer, Poet 

and Mathematician

Brooklyn, NY

Marc is a mathematician by trade and an artist with a deep sense of purpose. His visual art, poetry, and essays reflect an uncompromising, powerful and loving  heart.  His art is a dance between stark polarization and all embracing depth. A balance between the masculine and the feminine. 

View a sample of his work:

Kreyòl se wosiyòl Nan tout chanson bèl son

Malayòtay: Traji-komedi lengwistik


*Visual Art


*Teaching Engagements

Marc is available in the US and Haiti





(Traditional and/or Contemporary)


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