PROJECT: ARCHITECT-Solutions for Spiritual Healer and Creatives

To inherit traditional spirituality is a major responsibility. While seen as a noble cause by some, being on a path of spiritual creativity is filled with gentle and sometimes turbulent waves. We cannot do it alone. While we make up a small percentage of creatives in general, there are many of us who are being called to do this work today. We may find ourselves having to integrate cultural lineage with modern demands. A difficult task indeed. Some of you are "called" to do this work.

Architect is a major project to support you on a journey of self-rediscovery, reconnection and remembering. 

I share from my personal journey and I invite you to

~Embrace balance as a Spiritual Creative

~Reveal and build on the legacy that's been passed unto you

~Make peace with our spiritual don (gift)

~Courageously unravel the mysteries our ancestors left behind in our personal genetic scroll

~Forge ahead with a peaceful loving heart and release fear or resentment

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