We are a thriving, conscious, and relevant holistic healing arts enterprise and an authority on integrative and syncretic healing and spiritual arts. We are the creators of Biospiritreality.


Accessible heart centered services and programs for caregivers, visionaries, creatives, healers, spiritualists, and wisdom keepers for harmonious living.

To thrive as an independent organization promoting syncretic healing arts for and by people of all shades 
To foster the well-being of all people through services, programs and training
To help women, children, and the elderly nourish and nurture themselves and their families

To help create opportunities for bridging the full spectrum of healing arts expressions that will no longer excludes African descendants or our spiritual philosophy 
To provide services and resources to help individuals heal from trauma and reclaim their unique spiritual legacy, identity, and their life path
To provide services and resources for multi-generational healing 
To cultivate a new generation of authentic, capable, effective leaders with a strong foundation in African (diasporic)  spiritual philosophy


Rediscover - by healing energetic wounds. Unveiling who and what you are. Reasons and mission for your existence. Find your place in this world.

Reconnect - with your roots through intrinsic means, culturally honoring systems, and inclusiveness

Remember - create a practice for daily remembering and sustaining healthy cognitive connections to inner and outer world 

Positive Psychology

Celebrate personal and community victories

Recognize how we identify problems, create solutions, and generate ideas to address challenges we face today

Living joyfully through conscious joy and compassion practices


  • Non-evasive healing that's accessible and affordable
  • Accessible courses, programs and systems 
  • Lineage and culture honoring teachings for people of African descent 
  • Legacy system practical skills training
  • Helping people move from theory to practice, from study to practical so they may know the absolute intimately, achieve wellness and spiritual fulfillment
  • Elder support for help you unfold your world and the avatars in it through proper initiations