Mindfulness & Meditation

I have been a student of meditation since I was 18. Today the term is used to describe the method instead of the state we achieve. Regardless of how its used, it is the most important practice only second to deep breathing. I offer meditation as part of classes or as a stand-alone for individuals, couples, families and small groups.

 Mindfulness is our ability to be aware of our selves and our surroundings at a deeper level. We are all aware of ourselves and our environment sometimes. Unfortunately, while this is a natural behavior, in our busy world filled with distractions many people are operating on autopilot. Mindfulness can become a more natural process and used on a daily basis. 


  • focus your mind
  • reduce brain chatter (monkey mind)
  • become more attentive 
  • boost creativity
  • concentrate better
  • regain power of mental self-control
  • foster peak performance at work or as an athlete
  • go deeper within for greater awareness 
  • live in the current moment
  • embrace full presence at home, at work, and in other activites
  • reshape your relationship with mental and physical pain
  • strengthens neural connections

While some use the word meditation to reflect the action of meditating, in reality meditation is a sate (within a spectrum) that one achieves from prolonged  moments of focused awareness or mindfulness. Sustained awareness brings about a meditative state or "trance state." Today we use meditation to refer to a broad set of practices that uses the mind in intentional ways. While many associate mediation with Buddhism or Hinduism, meditation is found in all cultures and can be secular or religious.  Today we use it as an umbrella term for a variety of contemplative practices. We also use the word "meditative state" to express the trance state one achieves during prolonged and focused awareness.

The purpose of this coaching is to help you achieve a new habit through deliberate effort and to teach you techniques which can help you on your journey. Counseling sessions are typically 50 minutes or much less. 

Initial sessions for new clients include an assessment. Group sessions are a little different. 

Mindfulness and meditation practice sessions are available in combination with other services such as energy healing and metaphysical counseling.  

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*According to Center of Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society, the most widely accepted definition of mindfulness today is the "awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, nonjudgmentally."