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Reduce Anxiety with Mindfulness Coaching Sessions


Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness coaching offers you the opportunity to apply mindfulness techniques to increase resilience, inner harmony, joy and flow in your life.  I offer a BASIC mini session held periodically and a 9 month one-on-one PLUS package which is extensive and designed for the long-term student.  

This coaching will increase your ability to be aware of yourselves and your surroundings at a deeper level.  Many people are operating on autopilot, through mindfulness, you can increase your awareness, lessen auto pilot or mindless living, and become more in tune with your deeper inner desires, life purpose, and mission.

Sessions are beneficial for those who:

  • someone who struggles with developing patience
  • tired of living "out of alignment" 
  • those overly self-critical  / worry a lot
  • lacking in self knowledge and awareness
  • overly concerned about what other people think of them 
  • lack self-acceptance 
  • lack discernment of energies in and around them
  • lacks focus, purpose, direction or mission
  • rely on external achievements to guess their intrinsic self worth or value

These are our highly personalized one-on-one long-term private sessions. I offer a 9 month package which meets monthly (or more frequently if desired.) All sessions are online. No additional fees for unlimited texting or email in between sessions. This package is for the serious student who is ready to commit to long term coaching. This package includes initial 80 minutes session on the first day. Followed by 50 minutes sessions monthly for 8 more months. Handouts, mini-workbook, regular assignments, and detailed/extensive monitoring and follow-up is included.

For PLUS partners, sessions includes email and text follow-up in between each session specifically designed to keep you on tract and to track your progress.  As a collaborative partner and your source of encouragement, I work best with those who are committed to being open, honest, forthcoming, willing and ready to take action and responsibility for their self-healing work.

I facilitate conversations that can help you to:
Connect with inner motivations 

Identify disharmony between your "essence" and being

Identify desired outcomes from a Higher Self perspective
Get inspired 

Develop and nurture confidence (PLUS)
Through inner search,  consider a wider range of possibilities, options or solutions (PLUS)
Challenge limiting belief system or past conditioning (PLUS)
Learn mind-healing techniques to develop an empowered state of mind (PLUS)

Maintain your focus on a desired outcome (PLUS)

Create and monitor an actionable plan (PLUS)
Make life affirming decisions (PLUS)

How this works:

Breath techniques beginner through advance are essential
Monthly assignments and tracking of your progress
Each session is different and may include any of the following: Body scan, multi-sensory observations, self inquiry, self compassion, intuitive and conscious eating, sound and hearing mindful practice and much more.
Specific instruction are based on your unique needs

Mini group sessions held twice a month can be a great introduction or can help to support your practice.  Held online two or more people are required to be held as scheduled. Dates may change. Announcements will be made in advance. *Mini group sessions do not include action plans and techniques. Anyone can attend. 

You will learn and practice one (1) skill or technique on mindfulness, intuition, transformation or metaphysics. 

I facilitate conversations that can help you to:

Relax, connect and restore
Connect with inner motivations 

Identify disharmony between your "essence" and being

Identify desired outcomes from a Higher Self perspective
Get inspired 

How this works:

Sessions start with a brief description, followed by instruction and a few minutes of practice. We end with Q&A and sacred shares. Usually includes a mindfulness meditation technique


  • a more focused your mind
  • reduced brain chatter (monkey mind)
  • become more attentive 
  • boost in creativity
  • concentrate better
  • regain power of mental self-control
  • foster peak performance at work or as an athlete
  • go deeper within for greater awareness 
  • live in the current moment
  • embrace full presence at home, at work, and in other activities
  • reshape your relationship with mental and physical pain
  • strengthens neural connections

*According to Center of Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society, the most widely accepted definition of mindfulness today is the "awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, nonjudgmentally."