Holistic Health & Roots Practitioner
 Independent Creator 
Spiritual Counselor and Tekkie 

Rev Tutu


by Rev Tutu (Irmina Ulysse)

I offer Metaphysical* spiritual counseling for individuals and groups for

• Stress / Anxiety Mind Treatments
• "Personal self" issues (self-images, acceptance, self-esteem...)
• Dealing with Grief / Loss / too many changes
• Personal growth and development
• Relationship / Communication issues
• Creativity (unlocking inner creativity)

Initial session is 80 minutes and includes assessment

Sessions are 50 minutes thereafter

Package sessions meets weekly | same day | same time

Follow-up sessions may include any one or more of the following awareness practice, meditation, affirmative thinking, dream analysis, energy healing and other applicable complimentary and alternative medicine modalities. 

For FAQ and to learn more about Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, go HERE.

*Metaphysics is a term that has had many different definitions. Here we use the University of Metaphysics definition which states it "as a branch of philosophy that studies the ultimate nature of existence, reality, and experience without being bound to any one theological doctrine or dogma."