Awaken Your Heart Wisdom 

This is a Beginner Intuition Development Workshop for Women
Location: Catonsville, MD (Private)

These workshops can help you to
Purpose of intuition in our lives
Hone and learn to trust your personal intuition
Develop intuitive presence
Learn techniques for how to "read" yourself
Understand your unique intuitive language 
Build self-trust through practice
Safely practice in a small group setting 
Use sacred arts safely as a tool for intuitive development
Learn proper etiquette when using psychic gifts around others
Understand the difference between instinct, intuition and psychic gifts
Develop creative problem solving skills using intuition 
Understand role of intuition in building strong self-esteem
Understand the dance between intuition, instinct and cognitive reasoning and what causes to lose our connection to intuition

*How intuition can help you become more focused, happier and less stressed in life.

We'll start each session by learning what intuition is and learning and reviewing different ways to access it in its pure form.  Students get the opportunity to ask questions before, during and after. Structure in a fun, insightful ways with plenty of intuitive and creative activities.  With written material and open discussions, each workshop is filled with different ways of learning including visual, sound,  storytelling, art, music and movement.  You'll walk away with practical tools and knowledge. We take frequent movement breaks. Student self-assess their progress and development.
 This is a practice based course on deep inner listening

‚ÄčAt the end of each session, each student gets a immediate one-on-one guidance. Group classes are limited to 8 young women so we can offer individual attention.  

Registration is now open for 2019 Spring courses and Summer Workshops! 

SESSION A -  1/2 day 
Saturday, April 20, 2019

SESSION A - 1/2 day 
Saturday, June 19, 2019

SESSION B - 1/2 day 
Saturday, July 20, 2019

Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 PM
Where: Catonsville, MD

Fee: $49 pp early bird | $59 after March 31, 2019

*Early bird pricing ends January 31st for ALL WORKSHOPS.
*Healthy snacks will be available 

Additional sessions: 12:30 - 1:30 PM: 20 minutes focus private sessions available $15pp
Contact me for scholarship opportunities at least 1 month before the workshop. 
Please note: Ages may vary slightly. Maturity trumps age.

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