Intuition Coaching and Self Esteem

If you sometimes feel paralyzed by fear, over analysis, or not wanting to show up in your own life
Being too concerned with the opinions of others and lacking the know how to lovingly sever or recover from criticism
Lack of belief in yourself and/or your vision
Being obsessed with perfection or results instead of action and completion

Intuition coaching can help!

Learning to trust your intuition is learning to trust yourself 
You can learn to stop second-guessing yourself
Rebuild and strengthen the relationship you have with your inner guidance and protector
Support time management using your inner clock
and more!

Intuitive Dimensions Method 
Intuitive Dimensions Method or IDM Coaching is a series of lectures I develop from studying a wide range of intuitive courses, books and training over several decades. It  is a series of lectures and practices that teaches you how to get answers by accessing your Inner Tutor

For individuals, couples, families and small groups. 

First, what is intuition coaching? 

  • 1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Intuition is much more than gut instinct. It is dimensions of knowledge which we can access, tract, map, and return to at will. Empirical evidence points to multiple dimensions of intuition.

Why would someone need coaching for "intuition?" Don't we all have it?
We do. The struggle is that early on, most of us were trained to distrust our own intuition in favor of external commands and demands.  

How long is it?

IDM is taught monthly for 9 months. We meet once a month online. Unlimited email and text allows you to contact me during normal business hours for additional support. 

IDM is a trademark system which I've developed to support my clients. It includes 9 lectures on the dimensions, practice, potentials, language, definitions, dangers, problem solving, interpretation and how to integrate the method in daily life. 

What are some of the benefits? 
  • increase self esteem
  • deepen your awareness and self acceptance
  • improve decision making
  • develop stronger intuition
  • understand what intuition is and learn how to trust it
  • solve problems and re-occurring issues in your life
  • find comfort from within and reduce impulsive behavior
  • cope with any type of change (grief / loss / moving / career...)
  • reduce anxious feelings (specially around important decisions)
  • improve inner/outer balance and harmony

For FAQ and to learn more about Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, go HERE.

*Intuitive Dimensions Method (tm)  IDM was developed by Irmina Ulysse in 2018 to help individuals learn how to tap into the immense power of their intuition for guidance in all areas of life. 

Once you understand the true power of who you are and what you have to offer, you would feel as though you have gold in your hands. You wouldn't feel the need to prove anything to anyone. And you certainly wouldn't feel the need to chase anyone nor convince them to love you. Listen, your self-worth is much, much higher than what you currently think it is. Think of yourself as royalty. Do not lower your dignity.

James Weeks Author Meditations Across The King's River