by Irmina Ulysse, Independent Holistic Health Practitioner, Artist, and Minister 

  Biospiritreality Wellness Arts Center


Learning to trust your intuition is learning to trust yourself. It is that part of you which provides you with a direct connection to your greatest joy, highest vitality, greater purpose and mission in life.

For fear it because we've learned to be dependent on the external for guidance. 
Some welcome it because they understand both the external AND the internal work collaboratively for our greatest good.

Intuitive Dimensions Method (tm) 
In these coaching sessions, I use IDM Coaching which is a series of lectures I develop from studying a wide range of intuitive courses, books and training over several decades. It  is a series of lectures and practices that teaches you how to get answers by returning to your inner space where your highest knowing resides. 

For individuals, couples, families and small groups. 

What is intuition coaching? 

  • 1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Intuition is much more than what's often described. It is dimensions of knowledge which we can access, tract, map, and return to at will to rediscover, reconnect, and remember who, what, and for what purpose we exist. This is why I created a unique method for teaching this valuable tool to as many people as possible. We all have these dimensions within us. Learning to use the right keys and using them frequently can bring more peace and balance in our lives. Many scientist argue is intuition uni-dimensional or multi-dimensional. Empirical evidence points to multiple dimensions of intuition.

Why would someone need coaching for "intuition?" Don't we all have it?
We do. The struggle is that we are trained from two years and up to distrust our intuition and to trust external forces. Overtime this little voice becomes dimmed and we can struggle to reestablish the relationship. Intuition coaching is a tool to help you re-discover, reconnect and remember your inner compass. 

How long is it?

IDM is a 9 session method which is taught 1 class every week, then every other week. Depending on how fast you learn and how much you are working on, you can choose another timeline which works best for you.  

What does intuition coaching entail?

  1. Lecture: What is IDM and its dimensions?  Practice: How do I express attend to these 6 dimensions in my life today.
  2. Lecture: What are its uses? Practice: What are its uses in your life. 
  3. Lecture: What are the potentials in ones life? Practice: How to unlock your intuitive potential
  4. Lecture: What is the language of intuition? Practice: How to identify your unique language.
  5. Lecture: What are the differences between impulse and intuition? Practice: How to identify the difference for you.
  6. Lecture: What are the dangers of underdeveloped intuition? Practice: How have they expressed themselves in your life?
  7. Lecture: How to use intuition for problem-solving? Practice: Using the 8Fs (tm) and your intuition.
  8. Lecture: How to source and interpret your intuitive messages. Practice: How to use IDM for deciphering your unique intuitive language. 
  9.  Practice: How to further integrate Intuitive Dimensions Method into your life. 

Also available (separate fee)
Three Session Practice after the 9 weeks course has ended. 
Nutrition and habits which improves intuition.
Intuitive eating for weight management. 
Overcoming fear and developing self trust through intuition.

What are some of the benefits? It can help you to

  • deepen your awareness and self acceptance
  • improve decision making
  • develop stronger intuition
  • understand what intuition is and learn how to trust it
  • solve problems and re-occurring issues in your life
  • find comfort from within and reduce impulsive behavior
  • cope with any type of change (grief / loss / moving / career...)
  • reduce feelings of overwhelmed and increase self esteem
  • improve inner/outer balance and harmony
  • increase self trust
  • transcend the limits of your thinking
  • increase deep listening skills both inner and outer
  • becomes more optimistic
  • increase knowledge of self, purpose, and life mission
  • become more creative 

and so much more!

Is it one-on-one or group?

Individual coaching sessions are typically 50 or 80 minutes in duration and we generally meet once a week. Initial sessions for new clients are 80 minutes long. 

Group coaching are available for 2 or more people. 

Where do you meet?
Catonsville office or online via Zoom. 

How long are each session?
Sessions are 50 minutes or 80 minutes. Allowing for 10 minutes between sessions.

Can I try it out first?
I'm working on creating an informational video which you can use to determine if this right for you. You can also schedule a consultation with me as well. 

For FAQ and to learn more about Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, go HERE.

*Intuitive Dimensions Method (tm)  IDM was developed by Irmina Ulysse in 2018 to help individuals learn how to tap into the immense power of their intuition for guidance in all areas of life.