For the heart-centered, health-conscious and spiritually-minded 

Irmina                  Ulysse 

  holistic health practitioner  |  Haitian born artist  |  spiritual guide


We know that the best prevention practices supports and enhances our lives from  multi-directional perspectives. I offer a whole person energy healing system that supports your innate ability to rebalance yourself through ancestral work, understanding of universal laws which effects your daily habits, education of intersection of western medicine, your motivation, faith, and other system of belief that directly impacts your wellbeing.  

I offer one service!

Grassroots Energy Healing For Wellness and General Comfort

Experience multi-dimentional support through Sevi Tet educational services

Grassroots energy healing is similar to Reiki and eastern medicine modalities in that it offers an array of non-evasive treatments in the form of lessons on how to care for the self beyond the mind and into subtle energy fields. 

We recognize that wellness and healing are interconnected and interdependent. We recognized that there are many pathways and ours can be a support to or included into any practice.

All energy healing begin with a spiritual consultation to determine where the issue originates. 

Our focus is first on prevention of manifestation of disease. Prevention addresses root causes of potential problems before they materialize into the physical. 

However since most people miss these cues or may be unaware these exist, grassroots energy healing system can help you rebalance spiritual causes of many problems in a wholistic, non-evasive way while under treatment. 

We use symbolic subconscious messaging to re-awaken the natural healers within, increase comfort, and support you in adopting healthier preventive habits.    

Sevi Tet (Self Help) Energy Healing Training 

To inquire about our private and semi-private Haitian Sevi Tet courses, please send a detailed request. These are not open to the general public. By interview only.