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Spiritual Counselor and Tekkie 

Rev Tutu


Get Involved!

Challenge. Purpose. Opportunity.

If you are looking for a way to make a difference.  Your personal gift and ministry is guaranteed to do just that!

We have come a long way since Sacred Dance, Ritual and Chants. Then Sodotutu, now Sacred Journeys Ministry. The journey continues. Today, we have established courses and pathways to help bridge the gab between the old and new worlds. Through various classes and events, we have welcomed more than 1000 new Souls into our community over the years.  But, we are just getting started! Our vision for 2019 and beyond will take us to new heights. But we need creative and tech support so I can focus more a body of work in process and new ones yet to be conceived. 

Become a part of our movement and help us change lives one person at a time!  

Explore our ministry for ideas and/or check our needs below. All the roles below could be filled by one or two people who are willing and able to work 4 hours a week. Request more information or send us your ideas or suggestion. Can't wait to hear from you!

Marketing Volunteer

Help us implement two digital marketing ideas to improve our brand growth. Market our services online using social media and other tools. 2-4 hours a week in exchange for 44% discounts on some services. Month to month.

Volunteer Creative Editor

Edit our website, write and proof materials, and help us look our best. Share your creative ideas. Flexible times 1-4 hours a month. Receive 44% discounts on mentoring and events. Project specific (Start to finish)

Outreach Volunteer

Connect us with opportunities for 1/2 day retreats nationally. Receive 8% of net profits as a stipend, plus receive free tickets or discounts to some events.
Project specific (Start to finish)

Research Assistant

Are you a researcher at heart?

Over the past few years, our founder has accumulated a couple hundred research papers on science and spirituality that needs organizing to help advance our work. We estimate over 100 hours is needed to catalog this information for future access.
This is an ongoing volunteer position requiring a set hour each week to access, summarize, catalog and archive photos and other materials. Imagine what you can learn doing this kinda of work. You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement as some of the information you will access is proprietary.
To learn more contact us. Please indicate the day of the week and number of hours you are available. Special consideration if you live in Maryland (USA).  Project specific. ONGOING