Energy Therapy uses some form of subtle energy to support and promote health and self-healing. Energy therapy, in the West, is often used to provide a sense of well-being. Meaning its use is regarded as safe for stress reduction and relaxation. 

I offer several forms in combination with other modalities. I prefer to use natural non electronic tools. I find we are bombarded with electronic currents and nature is one of the most effective tools. Individual sessions are also available and are usually 10-15 minutes. Please keep in mind the entire session is still 50 minutes long as meditation, reflection, journaling is incorporated for a multi-sensory experience.

Color Therapy 
Crystal Therapy
Chanting Therapy / Natural inner-sound therapy (tm)

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Certifications and applicable training: Reiki (since 2011, renewed 2017), Color Therapy (since 1990, renewed 2018), Crystal Therapy (experienced since 1990s, certification 2018).

My natural inner sound therapy is not new, but the format in which it is presented is of my own creation. I am currently writing a book to outline the specific steps in this modality. Chanting has been part a formal part of my personal practice for years. To learn more about his book visit the project section of this site.