Ésprit Razin/Sodotutu 

Haitian Born Artist, Culture Activist, and Holistic Health Practitioner 



Giving isn’t a business transaction. It’s a human connection.

Over 15 Years Facilitating
Guided Meditations

"Your meditation and libation were so powerful on Sunday, and it is a testament to your faith that you could do something so awesome while being so concerned. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family."


From Rev. Jim. After the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on Jan. 12,  2010


We are currently looking for donors willing to help us reach our annual $10,000 goal. Find out how you can help below.

It costs over $10,000 annually to provide free/low cost mentoring to 10 clients,  do the radio show, host meetups and  stress relieving meditations to reach out to hundreds of people, create educational videos, write informational blogs,  and provide other services that help people heal and grow.  These are my community service offerings.
Why is this work necessary?
In my experience, there are many reasons. (1)  When I see tears of release flowing from a client's eye because of a deep revelation or see someone come out of their shell because they finally see value in their lives, I know this work is needed. (2) I too needed help from healers in my own life to heal.  It was the services provided by countless women that got me through some of my most difficult times. I know this work makes a real difference. (3) Our emotional and spiritual health is like a bridge that helps us in all other areas of our lives. Those with the greatest needs for this kind of support often suffer from generational or personal trauma which prevents them from becoming the best version of themselves. I know this work is invaluable to achieving greater peace in all communities. (4) We sometimes think, our work or resources is too small to make a difference. That's far from the truth. $1 from 1000 people can help 4 clients receive healing services for 1 month. For someone who is having a hard time, this can be life changing. 
Won't you consider a gift today?


As a sole proprietor, I do all the work, including this website. I also deliver the services. Some of the administration, takes hours away from what I need to be doing as a healer, speaker, and community leader. By raising these funds,  I can reach 10- 15 individual clients and/or group of up to  350 or more annually.  This number is based on the work I've done since 2011. These are people who would not have had access to help otherwise. They may not fit the "norm" and seek out someone like me for support.  Here's how I plan to use your generous gift:
  • Business development goals (2017-2018) - $3000
    • Secure new online  software and maintain current online systems
    • Produce new marketing materials for outreach purposes
    • Secure 1 intermittent outreach person to help get the word out  more effectively
  • provide free or low cost meditation classes for the youth and elderly (Summer 2018) - $3000
  • provide free or low cost  women wellness weekend or mini retreats (Spring/Fall 2018) - $1500
  • provide free or low cost breath work, movement and meditation for stress relieve, disease management, and wellness  for single mothers and/or  those healing from sexual trauma (Year-round) - $1500
  • provide stipend to healers in my network for work performed, pay for rental space and other miscellaneous expenses not accounted for ($1000)

How you can give
Select $1 to become a Supporter or a greater amount to become a Sustainer. Become a Sponsor or Patron when you donate $150 or more.
I thank you in advance.




When you donate $150 or more or give a monthly sustaining donation totaling $150 or more, you will receive a swag item (T-shirt, cap or bottle). Plus recognition on our meetup site for a full year.  We will also include your name or organization name on Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.  Sponsor a specific event and get honorable mention at the event and on all promotions.  Just send us an email after your donation and we'll follow up right away.
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“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”
Muhammad Ali

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