by Irmina Ulysse, Independent Holistic Health Practitioner, Artist, and Minister 

  Biospiritreality Wellness Arts Center

CREATIVES | ARTISTS - wisdom keepers and sacred artists

Esprits Razin (Root Spirits) community is an informal and inclusive spiritual and sacred creative arts community.  Existing both virtual and in physical form to honor and promote Haitian  and Caribbean Sacred Arts and to elevate consciousness of all people.

A group of artist, visionaries, musicians, wisdom keepers and spiritual architects who come together for cultural and artistic promotion and expressions.  We are an eclectic mix from the diaspora with roots in Haitian and throughout Caribbean. We know that art expresses and invokes our deepest emotions and desires.  We know our sacred art heals all hearts. Through gatherings and celebrations, we explore and express the healing embedded in our various faiths and sacred arts.  


Specifically, we exist to

 (1) honor and promote the creative and spiritual arts of Haiti and the Caribbean as a natural whole person healing root system

 (2) support the creative and spiritual work of Haitians and Caribbean sacred artist in the diaspora through research, publications, and finance

 (3) provide sacred arts education and healing services for those seeking authentic Caribbean sacred arts and related metaphysical systems

(4) support the elevation of consciousness of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, social status or income


*We are developing the framework for our launch in the Fall of 2019. When you work with us, you efforts and funds help to support the development and growth of this community. Contact [email protected] with questions or to find out how you can support. 

In Development - Coming Fall 2019