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I offer long term guidance one on one, one time, and short-term gatherings for groups. 

How does it work?

To get to know the real you and the issues you are facing, I recommend you start at the beginning -  with a reading or a consultation. Then I offer you three types of services based on your highest needs.

A - HEALING ARTS WELLNESS: I use evidence based and evidence informed wellness self-management modalities, therapeutic or activities that promote prevention, nourishment, and life enrichment at all phases of your life cycle. My clients are Soulful intra and entrepreneurs who are seeking to rebalance mind, body, and spirit.

B - HEALING ARTS COACHING: My coaching services promotes self- expression and gives our clients insight into behavior for short and long-term modifications. I help you tap into the seed version of yourself. We offer a variety of services under the integrative healing arts and coaching umbrella and we also use  the full spectrum of creative and spiritual art expressions as it has been done for thousands of years. My clients and mentees are wayshowers, creatives and other Soulful individuals seeking greater self trust and more harmony in their lives.

C - SACRED ARTS MENTORING: As an ordained minster and spiritual philosopher, I offer heart healing spiritual services for whole being wellness, enlightenment and  transcendence teachings. We help you connect with the God of your understanding, ancestors, and spiritual guides. My legacy program is designed for earthing those who have lost connections with their lineage legacy or are seeking to reconnect. Through our legacy programs, we encourage spiritual practice and direct experience of self-realization.

Heart centered wellness & education for Soulful intra- and entrepreneur caregivers, creatives, healers, spiritualists, wayshowers, & wisdom keepers.

About Me

I’m a seasoned holistic health practitioner, metaphysician, and artist.
I offer cleansing, purification, protective, and healing work for the mind, body, heart, and creative faculties.
I am the creator of Biospiritreality™ a complete system for deep insights into natural laws which governs our individual uniqueness and collective lives. 
Originally from Haiti, my work is a bridge, or intersection, between my legacy traditions as a wisdom keeper and contemporary Western healing practices. 

I’m currently writing my second book Architect which combines three of my mission driven work: healing arts, creative arts, and sacred arts and will formally re-introduce my system Biospiritreality™ . 

"Wayshowers, healers, creatives and spiritualist" intra- and entrepreneurs hire me to heal current and ancestral wounds, get clear about who they are, increase self trust, build confidence, and create from a more harmonious state of mind. 

My ideal client seeks to overcome deeply ingrained or core insecurities and fear in all of its forms and manifestations. 

My approach is compassionate, nurturing, hands-off, and firm. My online and brick and mortar offices are safe sacred spaces. 

My clients and students are primarily women and youth on a journey of self rediscovery and re-integration. I also work with a few bold men who are often equally pulled by their feminine sides. 

My work is much more than transformative, it is metamorphic. I work with those who are ready to make concrete positive changes to become highly functional in their craft. As a master teacher, I mentor other teachers and healers and help them to develop deeply rooted structures to become "unshakeable." I offer sound practical advice and deep insight that can smooth out some of the inner wrinkles at various stages of your life.  

While my ideal clients and students often show up as a wayshowers, healers, creatives, and spiritual seekers, they rarely call themselves by those titles. They have a deep curiosity or connection to holistic health, creative arts and spirituality. 

They are mothers of sons, daughters, books, artwork, dance, systems, communities. Sometimes they are also those most in need in our world. They know they can achieve greater harmony in their lives but need a little help and a safe place to explore their true selves. 

They want to tap into their full potential and manifest it - sooner than later. While they often have the capacity for the concrete, the practical, and the ability to deconstruct ideas, they may find that they keep getting in their own way. They are ready to dive to their core of who they are and the roots of where they come from - regardless of level of knowledge of their blood ancestors. 

They are seeking (often longing) for practical and divinely inspired solutions they can trust that honors and respects them. I point the way back to yourself and help you to trust what you discover.  

When you work with me, you’ll benefit from 20 or more years of study and practical experience. You can be confident that I've taken the time to learn what’s important to you. 

Our sessions and courses are:

Accessible (online, in person, via phone)
Relevant (modern integrations)
Highest Quality (meets professional standards)
Affordable (spectrum of prices, scholarships and work trades available)
Universal (integrative and syncretized)

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*Biospiritreality™ is a trademark of Rev Tutu's work, a complete earth-honoring centering wellness system which includes its own divination tool."