Ésprit Razin/Sodotutu 

Haitian Born Artist, Culture Activist, and Holistic Health Practitioner 

Private  1 on 1 Skype Sessions

First session 1.5 hours; Subsequent sessions 1 hour



  • Together we explore the issue which has brought you to SodoTutu.
  • We focus on you and your connection to your inner self.
  • While each session will vary, this initial consultation is a process.
Consultation are in part divination sessions where you ask for insight from my oracle on a particular subject or issue.  Depending on the depth of the issue, I may use one or more tools or none at all. Some may  require intuitive readings. These sessions are not religion based and can be used by anyone regardless of faith or  background. The idea is to identify the issue at hand and ask the oracle for appropriate remedies if necessary.  Please note readings and consultations are not the same. A reading does not require identifying a remedy.

(W)holistic Coaching (Wellness)

(W)holistic coaching uses a wholeness approach to support you in 1 or more areas of your life.  I used an adaptation of the Wheel of Life which has nine areas instead of eight. The idea is to identify which areas requires upmost attention if you don't already know.  If you have a specific issue or concern we can work on that first. During the coaching process, you are guided and have specific assignments. I will take notes and follow up on your assignments. 

Metaphysical Coaching (Spiritual)

Similar to (w)holistic coaching, during each session we address a particular challenge you might have. 
I use metaphysical principles that are universal to support and guide you on your journey.  The nature of spiritual coaching often requires us to be more flexible in our approach.  This coaching method can be used regardless of your faith and background the teaching which comes forth are universal. Each session is unique. To keep us on tract we will seek guidance through channeling or divination as intuitively guided. This can be a process of simply closing our eyes or it may include divining. We use a variety of energy healing tools such as sound healing, meditation, chanting, and more.  We may also look to  universal laws and principles to help address specific issues.