Body Based Therapy are physical classes  

In the spring, I offer an integrative dance class called DAFA (tm) - a folkloric based dance class held in increments of 4, 6 or 8 weeks. This private or small group dance class uses deep breathing techniques, gentle movement and deep relaxation to get you moving again or to gently support you on your healing journey.  These are mind/body movement classes that anyone can do at any age. No previous training or instruction required. 

In the summer, I offer outdoor sessions for returning and for local clients. These incorporate the benefits of healing environments such as parks, trails, rivers, and other naturally healing locations. 

For FAQ and to learn more about Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, go HERE.

*Both classes are for apparently healthy adults. Please consult with your physicians before starting any movement class. Appropriate waiver forms for movement classes are required.  

Certifications and applicable training: Breathing technique certificate (2015), Personal Trainer certification (10+ years), Fitness instructor certifications (10 years); Health and Wellness Director (International organization - 10 Years); Dance training (20+ years); National trainer professional experience (7+ years); Walking therapy personal practice since 1990s. Please refer to my bio for list of continuing education courses with The National Institute of Health Complimentary and Integrative Medicine.