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TOTAL: $5400 IF PAID in full or $5598 if paid monthly

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These are our highly personalized one-on-one long-term private sessions. I offer a 9 month package which meets monthly (or more frequently if desired.) All sessions are online. No additional fees for unlimited texting or email in between sessions. This package is for the serious student who is ready to commit to long term coaching. This package includes initial 80 minutes session on the first day. Followed by 50 minutes sessions monthly for 8 more months. Handouts, mini-workbook, regular assignments, and detailed/extensive monitoring and follow-up is included.

For PLUS partners, sessions includes email and text follow-up in between each session specifically designed to keep you on tract and to track your progress. As a collaborative partner and your source of encouragement, I work best with those who are committed to being open, honest, forthcoming, willing and ready to take action and responsibility for their self-healing work.

I facilitate conversations that can help you to:

What does intuition coaching entail?

Conversational Presentation: What is IDM and its dimensions? Practice: How do I express attend to these 6 dimensions in my life today.

Conversational Lecture: What are its uses? Practice: What are its uses in your life.

Conversational Presentation: What are the potentials in ones life? Practice: How to unlock your intuitive potential

Conversational Presentation: What is the language of intuition? Practice: How to identify your unique language.

Conversational Presentation: What are the differences between impulse and intuition? Practice: How to identify the difference for you.

Conversational Presentation: What are the dangers of underdeveloped intuition? Practice: How have they expressed themselves in your life?

Conversational Presentation: How to use intuition for problem-solving? Practice: Using the 8Fs (tm) and your intuition.

Conversational Presentation: How to source and interpret your intuitive messages. Practice: How to use IDM for deciphering your unique intuitive language.

Practice: How to further integrate Intuitive Dimensions Method into your life.

Also available (separate fee) Three Session Practice after the 9 months course has ended.

Nutrition and habits which improves intuition.

Intuitive eating for weight management.

Overcoming fear and developing self trust through intuition.

What are some of the benefits?

It can help you to

deepen your awareness and self acceptance

improve decision making

develop stronger intuition

understand what intuition is and learn how to trust it

solve problems and re-occurring issues in your life

find comfort from within and reduce impulsive behavior

cope with any type of change (grief / loss / moving / career...)

reduce feelings of overwhelmed and increase self esteem

improve inner/outer balance and harmony

increase self trust

transcend the limits of your thinking

increase deep listening skills both inner and outer

becomes more optimistic

increase knowledge of self, purpose, and life mission

become more creative

and so much more!

*monthly payment of $622 (total $5598)

or a time payment of $5400

*requires deposit of $622

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