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TOTAL: $5400 IF PAID in full or $5598 if paid monthly

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These are our highly personalized one-on-one long-term private sessions. I offer a 9 month package which meets monthly (or more frequently if desired.) All sessions are online. No additional fees for unlimited texting or email in between sessions. This package is for the serious student who is ready to commit to long term coaching. This package includes initial 80 minutes session on the first day. Followed by 50 minutes sessions monthly for 8 more months. Handouts, mini-workbook, regular assignments, and detailed/extensive monitoring and follow-up is included.

For PLUS partners, sessions includes email and text follow-up in between each session specifically designed to keep you on tract and to track your progress. As a collaborative partner and your source of encouragement, I work best with those who are committed to being open, honest, forthcoming, willing and ready to take action and responsibility for their self-healing work.

I facilitate conversations that can help you to:

Ease into a transformation (seasonal transformations)

Connect with changes happening in our environment or in your body

Identify disharmony between your "essence" and the external world

Get inspired by change

Develop and nurture confidence (PLUS)

Through inner search, consider a wider range of possibilities, options or solutions (PLUS)

Challenge limiting belief system or past conditioning (PLUS)

Learn mind-healing techniques to develop an empowered state of mind (PLUS)

Maintain your focus on a desired outcome (PLUS)

Create and monitor an actionable plan (PLUS)

Make life affirming decisions (PLUS)

How this works:

All sessions include TRANSFORMATION LIFE COACHING techniques to help you eliminate re-occurring negative life patterns

Review life patterns and re-establish new ones

Setting intuitive AND practical goals for the months ahead

Creating change consciously vs operating on "auto-pilot"

Learn and practice how to develop a new mind-set

Focus by working on a 30 or 60 days targets at a time

Monthly assignments and tracking of your progress

Each session is different and may include other transformational tools as needed


focus your mind by understanding the priorities in our lives

reduce brain chatter (monkey mind)

employ techniques which moves you beyond your fears

practice being accountable for transformation in your live

become more attentive to subtle messages

boost creativity and expand your perspective of what's possible

concentrate better and get clearer on your desired outcomes

regain power of mental self-control

embrace full presence at home, at work, and in other activities

reshape your relationship those in your life

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