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Blessed Sacred Scents Incenses Sticks (discontinuing)


Trademark products from Sodotutu (discontinuing at the end of 2018).

Finished by hand with essential oils, these handmade insences are soaked for hours before being air or sun drying to perfection.

Handmade incenses are unique in that they are much more fragrant than those made in factory settings and will last much longer.

These are strongly scented with premium oil blends made created by Tutu for Sodotutu.

As a Spiritual Artist, Tutu pours loving energy into all she makes. Most of her products are an artistic expression and literally made with tender love and perfection to details.

Before these are mailed, they are bless for good fortune and joy for those who receive them.


spiritual practice/worship

cleansing home, tools, space

study / mental

healing emotional, physical, psychic

Comes beautifully wrapped for gifting or personal use. Because these are dried and packaged to order in small batches, please allow UP TO 3 weeks for delivery.

Bamboo sticks

Our "Black Mary" is made with charcoal material. Specially made to honor the return of the "Black Cosmic and Univeresal Mother."

Other incenses are made of herbal material, resins, and sandlewood powder

Available in customer choice of four mix blend scents:

Rediscover, Reconnect, Remember

Black Mary (NEW)

$4 shipping is added for US deliveries. No international orders. .

Sold in one quantify only 40 only.


*All of our product lines will be discontinued in 2018. This includes our Sacred Jewelry and other tools are well.

I want to take this moment to tThank you for your loving support over the years.

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