met-a-mor-pho-sis (JANUARY)


An annual transformation coaching and support group to ~become more open to who you truly are ~safely re-discover doors outside your "mental" matrix ~explore your foundations ~cultivate non-judgmental awareness ~practice self-compassion ~nurture courageous self-love and witness the impact practicing these concepts can have on your lives and those in your community.

Meets 12 consecutive sessions

Every Thursday 7PM- 8:30 PM

Who is this for? Anyone looking to do deep transformative work for self healing.

What level? This is a multi-level beginners - advance course. You can deep dive or just dip your big toe in. Not suitable for novice.

What are the benefits? ~healing of the conditioned self from cultural, racial, sexual, class, social and personality shocks and aftershocks ~healing of spiritual self from deformed family life ~healing of self esteem ~healing of spiritual scars and boosting of self value ~integrating spiritual and mental dissonance from too much, too soon, too disjointed ~gain support finding inner Integration maps/pathways for the artists, empaths, "wild woman," or HSP in you ~restoring sense of self-worth, acceptance and value ~finding greater fulfillment and value in work life ~rediscovering and tapping into courageous self-love and acceptance

*Most Importantly: Nurturing a personal relationship with your true inner self


met-a-mor-pho-sis I (2018, 2020)

We dive into the 14 powers of woman including menstruation, bio-spiritual aspects of the sacred feminine, crystals and so much more. I will work with you through the workbook called Powers of Wombmyn. Little white lies and sacred practices.

met-a-mor-pho-sis II (2019, 2021)

I will work with you through my latest workbook called Insightful Journey based on metaphysical and integrative mind healing techniques.

8 Little White Lies for rediscovering Who and What You are.

8 Sacred "F's" to spice up any practice

Tap into Divine Principles for Healing & Harmonious Living


We cozy up via Zoom right from your living room. This is my second time offering this amazing support group and self expansion course.

2019 Introductory Fees:

$180 per month* for new students | $360 for the course

Fee covers one series of classes. That's either met-a-mor-pho-sis I or met-a-mor-pho-sis II (not both I and II)

Scholarship Availability: Ask me about my copyrighter and editor worktrade positions?

Questions: Contact me for details via FB or send email to [email protected]

Payment #2 in the amount of $180 is due February 1, 2019. Do you need a reminder to pay on/before that date?

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