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Irmina                  Ulysse 

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met-a-mor-pho-sis II (INSIGHTFUL JOURNEY)


A winter coaching and support group

We will meet for 12 consecutive sessions: January 3 to February 29 (*sessions are recorded).

Every Thursday 7PM- 8:30 PM

Who is this for? Anyone looking to do transformative work.

What level? This is a multi-level beginners - advance course. You can deep dive or just dip your big toe in.

What are the benefits? ?healing of the conditioned self from cultural, racial, class, social and personality shocks and aftershocks ?healing of spiritual self from deformed family life ?healing of ?the unwanted girl child? spiritual scars and boosting of self esteem ?healing of ?the golden child? spiritual scars and boosting of self value ?integrating spiritual and mental dissonance from too much, too soon, too disjointed ?gain support finding inner Integration maps/pathways for the artists, empaths, ?wild woman,? or HSP in you ?restoring sense of self-worth and value ?finding greater fulfillment and value in work life ?rediscovering and tapping into courageous self-love and acceptance

*Most Importantly: Nurturing a personal relationship with your true inner self


I will work with you through my latest workbook called Insightful Journey based on metaphysical and integrative mind healing techniques. We also work 3 of the 8 sections in mini books called:

8 Little White Lies for rediscovering Who and What You are.

8 Sacred ?F?s? to spice up any practice (for real, there's 8!)

8 Angles of Light Principles for Healing & Harmonious Living


This is a 12 pack group coaching package. We cozy up via Zoom right from your living room. This is my second time offering this amazing support group and self expansion course. It will not be available again until 2019.


$180 per month for new students | $360 for the course met-ma-mor-pho-sis 2018 students receive a $100 discount

On a tight budget? Sign up with a friend. For each person you recommend who registers, save $60.

Scholarship Availability: Ask me about my copyrighter and editor worktrade position for this course.?

Not ready to register yet?

Reserving your space is easy.

Just submit a $20 non-refundable deposit via before classes are full or December 21- whichever comes first.

Questions: Contact me for details via FB or send email to [email protected] ????

Payment #2 in the amount of $180 is due January 17,2019. Do you need a reminder to pay on/before that date?

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