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Intuitive Eating (ANNUALLY IN OCTOBER)


Intuitive eating course for building better habits and releasing some extra weight ANNUAL IN OCTOBER Course is open for five people PER group

****New classes launch when previous ones fill-up.****

You will learn how to perform a 5 step eating ritual. Learn for what reasons you MUST do these steps to gain greater self awareness and self discipline around food. How to use your memory for weight management. And have three weeks of practice time when you join the support group

You've been told to do certain things but don't know why. I do, whatever I don't know we will uncover together.

I will give you my 5 simple steps for before, during, and after each meal that will greatly reduce the amount of food you eat, increase pleasure, and have you feeling more satisfied with less food.

You'll also have access to my 20 + years of knowledge as a certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant, lifestyle coach and certified diabetes prevention director and national instructor. Health and wellness has been my passion and until now, I wasn't sure to bring it into Sodotutu. Back in 2011; I wrote a 12 week program based on science and intuition but never published it. I'm ready to share all I know with you.

Students are encouraged to join the peer support goup to maintain their practice throughout the year.

To a healthier and happier you!

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