Holistic Health & Roots Practitioner
 Independent Creator 
Spiritual Counselor and Tekkie 

Rev Tutu


Education, Training, and Certifications

Types of Services

How we serve you?

In a nutshell, we offer three types of services for those who self identify as, or as up and coming healers, all types of creatives, or all levels of spiritualists

A - We create and use evidence based and evidence informed wellness self-management modalities, therapeutic or activities that promote prevention, nourishment, and life enrichment at all phases of your life cycle.

B - Our coaching services promotes self- expression and gives our clients insight into behavior for short and long-term modifications. We help you tap into the seed version of yourself. We offer a variety of services under the integrative healing arts and coaching umbrella and we also use  the full spectrum of creative and spiritual art expressions as it has been done for thousands of years.  

C - We offer heart healing spiritual services for whole being wellness, enlightenment and  transcendence teachings. We help you connect with the God of your understanding, ancestors, and spiritual guides.Our legacy program is designed for earthing those who have lost connections with their lineage legacy or are seeking to reconnect. Through our legacy programs, we encourage spiritual practice and direct experience of self-realization.