Esprits Razin / Sodotutu 

 Haitian born artist, holistic health practitioner, and spiritual guide

About Me


Welcome to Espris Razin and Sodotutu - my online lakou (village) for spiritual and creative endeavors. I am affectionately known as “Tutu," and also Irmina. I sprung from a family of grassroots healers, practitioners, priests, and artists. I offer services developed from a cross-pollination of my Haitian traditions with elements of metaphysics, and modern theories on spirituality, wellness and the sacred arts. 

As a mystic, dancer, artist, healer, metaphysician, developing griot and wisdom keeper, my work combines my devotion to my lineage spirituality (Sevi Lwa*), a creatrix unending desire to create visually, a conservationist’s and activist angst about the state of indigenous people's spirituality and health, and a griot's fixation for expressing ideas and history through words and creative arts. 

I host and facilitate workshops, retreats, lectures, presentations, write short stories and articles and make visual-commentaries on Youtube about sacred topics. I also take part in presenting at events, festivals and lectures as often as I can.  I come from a lineage of healers who cover the spectrum from  grassroots herbalism to western ways.

I also help individuals dive into unique, natural states and expressions of intuition using direct spiritual and mystical experiences. To over-stand the nature of their Soul, and to align body, spirits, mind and Soul under the Creator of their understanding. 

As an ambassador and wisdom keeper,  I am a steward of chants (sacred songs) and stories for future generations.  All for one sole purpose to lessen our suffering and help us thrive in the world. I reveal stories about Haitian sacred arts, our natural world, and wonders of the people effected by them. I spend as much time as I can diving deep into the realms of spirituality and art.  Because oral histories are important within Haitian culture, my imprints from folktales which have are passed down generation to generation have left deep impressions in me. I explore the spiritual and creative process of oration through the lens of my unique diaspora experience.


Irmina Ulysse is an expanding new presence in the world of Haitian embodied sacred art as a tool for multi-dimensional wellness. A Haitian wisdom keeper, mystic and metaphysician. She supports us in the process of allowing, witnessing and accepting our seed selves. Her ministry centers on the transformative and evolutionary powers of culture,  multi-dimensional awareness, ritual, family and community. She has written a metaphysical fiction book -Sheya's Quest and Humina, essays on her metaphysical experiences. She is currently writing Architect to help "altered-natives"  in the diaspora take responsibility and action towards bridging the wellness gaps in their lives.

Your Personal Enlightenment is a Journey, Not a Destination. Travel In Good Company and Travel Well.

Irmina Tutu

Embrace Your Wholeness

Our services promote Ayitian culture, sacred lifestyle, simple living, and metaphysical principles. 

We promote universal integrative and culturally sensitive approaches. 

We emphasize a rigorous and integral relationship between learning, personal development and application of spiritual or hidden knowledge.

Our programs fall under two distinct yet integrated systems:

Esprits Razin - Roots spirits focused on our lineage. Research, education, exploration, practice and promotion of Haiti's sacred and healing arts culture. 

BioSpiritReality Healing™ | OsuMarassa Consciousness™ | Sacred Journeys  | DAFA Dance™ 
Sodotutu - Metaphysical systems integrated universal principles.

Courses are online or in person. 



I look forward to working with you!