Heart centered wellness & education for Soulful intra- and entrepreneurs  

by Rev Tutu

  Biospiritreality Wellness Arts Center

common reasons PEOPLE USE OUR services
For Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit
Understand Insecurities and Fears
For Re-awakening our Creative Self
For Reconnecting With our Sacredness
To Rediscover Our Life Mission and Purpose
For General Wellness or Just to Feel Better
Enhance Quality of Life
Support During a Conventional Medicine Treatment
Recommended by Medical Doctor
To Learn
Build and Nurture Community
To Relax, Restore, or Revitalize
To Re-awaken our Senses and Reconnect with Our Essence
Develop Multi-Sensory Abilities, Natural and/or Psychic Gifts
Increase Motivation and Participation in Life
Connect and Strengthen Our Relationship with Nature

Stress Reduction and Management

Remember Our Life's Purpose and Mission

Develop/Nurture Intuitive Skills

Connecting with Lineage Knowledge and Our Ancestors

Become More Grounded and Rooted

and so much more!
types of services available
*non-evasive and no-touch

metaphysical, intuition, transformation, and legacy healing arts traditions 

3 different ways you can get started

 a single approach does not work for everyone
map your strategy by signing up with an introductory session



Life Wheel Reading (Most detailed)
Initial Consultation (General)
Focus Strategy Session


met-a-mor-pho-sis I and II: deeply transformative annual group course
Intuition, Mindfulness, Transformation mini group sessions for beginners
Intuition coaching workshop for young adults (age 21 and up)
Intuitive eating month-long group course