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Spiritual Counselor and Tekkie 

Rev Tutu


to Clearwater Wellness and Spiritual Counseling. My name is Rev. Tutu and...

I help extra-ordinary and free-spirited women who need to 
rediscover, reconnect, and remember 
their hearts and Souls.

Generally, people seek my help for healing on multiple levels. Here are some of the more common reasons: 
  • FEELING OVERWHELMED OR DISHARMONIOUS WITH YOUR TRUE SELF - Feeling overwhelmed or easily overburdened. You may be looking for services and tools to help achieve deeper relaxation and connection with self. 
  • OVER ABUNDANCE OF "NEGATIVE " PROTECTIVE THINKING FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES - Need help with negative thinking, confusion, and ill thoughts. You may have tried many self-help services and now you are ready for greater commitment and change.
  • INDECISIVENESS OR EASILY DISTRACTED - Difficulty with overthinking and indecisiveness. You may want a hands-off  "accountability" partner or someone to bounce off ideas for clarity.
  • UNHEALTHY WELLNESS HABITS - Overcoming unhealthy eating habits and lack adequate movement. May have tried everything under the sun. Want to find a more intuitive and respectful way to work with your body. 
  • DISCONNECTION FROM LINEAGE OR GENETIC ANCESTORS - Feeling disconnected from ancestral spiritual tradition and long to immerse yourself in your ancestral spirituality. Looking for a non-dogmatic system to help bridge the gaps. 
  • HAVE A BROKEN SPIRIT OR LACKING IN WILL - Some may feel they have a broken spirit or lack a strong will to achieve heart's desires. You may be seeking deeper connection to your authentic self. 
  • NEED TO OVERCOME FEARS AND REACH GOALS- Some just want to understand, cope with and overcome a nagging feelings or "undertone" of fears or insecurity. You may want to dive deep to uncover the real issues holding you back from a more fulfilling life. 
Do These Sounds familiar?
I've worked with people just like you for over two decades to help them overcome these challenges using complimentary and earth honoring services and tools. 

You want to understand what's really behind your personal challenges 
You want to understand what energies impact you the most and when
You want to be able to make "predictions" in your own future without complex calculations
You want to learn the #1 and often hardest law you absolutely must master
You want stronger connections to your intuition
You want to take better care of yourself without the guilt and shame

So, where do you begin?

Begin at the beginning...
Start with a consultation which identifies the 12+1 laws which govern your life. These are based on your unique DNA or genetic codes. 
During this session, we will also determine our fit for working together. Sometimes timing is also not right. We consider all options.

Then if we decide to work together, we map out a plan based on where you are now.

Here what I offer...

* non-evasive and no-touch evidenced-based or evidenced-informed services




I offer integrative healing strategies that are inclusive. I draw on African, indigenous systems, metaphysics and earth-based wisdom traditions from around the world. I use the wellness healing arts and spiritual arts in one-on-one or in community. My clients and students are the "Soulful woman" who is earth-honoring, spiritual, and/or creative.  She is sometimes multifaceted and multi-potential which can be both a source of comfort and pain.

As a community, we are a heart-centered, open-minded, compassionate, and loving. We respect the uniqueness of our Soul journey. For the spiritual seeker, I also offer lineage and African-based spiritual system mentoring on an annual basis. 

Outcomes are based on the effort the individual is willing to put in.  Many clients have experienced:

A release long standing fear, guilt, or shame
Embracing and embodying their essence at a much deeper level
The ability to share their unique gifts with the world unappologetically
A more fulfillment and harmonious lifestyle which honors the full spectrum of who they are

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* I also offer a simplified income sensitive option for those who are in need. Send me an email at [email protected] for more information.