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One of the things that I have always respected about Irmina (Tutu) is her natural way of making spirituality practical.  It is very easy to make spirituality complex, complicated, and even "spooky".  I remember a conversation that she and I had about sacrifice and what it really means.  She explained that, in essence, what sacrifice was all about was making something sacred so that it could fulfill a higher, divine purpose.  This explanation totally changed the way I looked at sacrifice and helped me to embrace it at a much more
Charles - Washington, DC

She is always my first choice when planning an event that calls for sacred ritual. Imagine my shock at seeing her and other healing friends at my surprise 50th birthday party. What truly added icing to a delightful cake was having Tutu lead us in a beautiful observance to mark my rites of passage to Elder status. I felt honored, cherished, and celebrated during a process that included laughter, song, dance, and adornment with gifts and written remembrances. I am forever grateful to her for masterfully creating a ceremony that I will always remember!

Tonya Parker - Mind Body & Spiritworks

This beautifully written book will embrace your heart, body and spirit and take you on a journey of self-discovery, along with SheyA, the Shero of this story. As an avid reader who loves tales of personal growth, adventure and self-discovery, I connected with SheyA right away. The vivid descriptions and powerful images leap of the page and pull you in. My heart pounded with fear and my eyes alternately filled with tears of sadness, frustration and joy as SheyA moved through her journey. She reminded me of Santiago in The Alchemist...but instead of falling in love with a shepherd boy, my heart enveloped this beautiful spirit who lost her way and learned valuable lessons on her quest. Will she ever find her way home? How? Read it and find out! Kudos and loving blessings to Irmina Tutu Ulysse for sharing this wonderful gift with all of us.
5.0 out of 5 starsA wonderful read.
on April 18, 2016
out of 5 starsBUY IT!!
on March 29, 2016