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We are never powerless in the face of change!

In 2014, I provided several months of free guided meditation to members of my community. This was a turning point in my Sodotutu volunteerism and community  work. For three years, I provided various services free or at very low cost. While I saw the difference I was making, frankly I wasn't sure how long I could keep it up.  I estimate it costs us over $10,000 annually in free or low cost services external volunteer work. 

In 2016, I had to make a tough decision - to halt all community service activities until further notice. The reality and the real cost of doing business dictates we take another more balanced approach. We had to take a new path for the long term success of our movement. I had to focus on strengthenning our foundation.
I've seen so many well meaning individuals go out of business because they gave more than they could. In the end, the community loses out. So, I've decided to start an annual fundraising to get seed money and support to grow and give. 

As a sole proprietor, I do all the work you see, including this website :-). I also deliver the services. While I'm love the creative online work I do, it takes hours away from my real gifts as a healer, speaker, and community leader. Before I can provide additional services, I need to change how I deliver some of my work. We have three programs we want to launch this year and deliver our services in a more efficient manner. We estimate we can service hundred of individuals in our community just by raising $9,000 the first quarter of 2017 (January - April 2017).  While Sodotutu is not a non-profit, we are a ministry who exist to help lost Souls find their way home. We want to continue to help strengthen those feel stranded.  We want to help those who need a little love to keep going.

Our goals include:
  • Business development goals (2017) - $3000
    • Secure new meeting software for greater efficiency
    • Produce new marketing materials (brochures)
    • Part-time hours to maintain social media
  • free or low cost meditation classes for the youth and elderly (Summer) - $3000
  • free or low cost  women wellness weekend dance classes (Fall) - $1500
  • free or low cost  breath work for post trauma individuals (Year-round) - $1500

We need you to say YES, I can help!
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