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STEP 4 / WEEK 4 

Sacred Art of External Transformation

What if the real you is on the other side of your fears?

This week we introduce you to the concept that all transformation is internal. Using external transformation (altars) we externalize and transform what is within. Altars are a visual representation of what is within. No more and no less.
You will end this week with your first at home ritual and invocation of your Soul. However, before you invoke your Guardian Angel, you need to know what it is and where it resides within your flesh temple. You are also encouraged to face your current reality and some of the fears that is holding you back from a deeper union with your divinity. This is what week four is all about.

What is Soul?

What are realms?

What are realms? and how can they help me work with the Loas/Orisa?
This document will help you understand how to work with these entities for healing and growth in the most mature and elevated way possible.

Book of Spells/"Prayer" Book

Invocations for your work

Practicum: Invoking and Feeding your Soul (Ori)

Perform your first invocation ritual of a loa or Orisa -YOU!

Be sure complete all tools and previous activities.