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Wisewoman Apprenticeship Course
Spring/Summer Sessions

Dear Friends,

It is time! I received a "message" to make available my apprenticeship course this year. Come and join us on a journey of wisdom crafts, spellcasting, ritual, and sacredness following time-tested practices of our wisewoman archetype! We will meet in local parks, the river’s edge, at the foot of our mama and papa trees, near bodies of water and anywhere else which supports our exploring, learning, and development.


Imagine yourself walking into natural settings and immersing yourself in the landscape, understanding the subtle symbols and having a communion with your inner and outer nature.

This course is setup for anyone interested in expanding their wisdom. Anyone such as a nature lover, spiritualist, earth-based spirituality practitioners, ministers, ritual or spell casting enthusiasts, witches of all traditions, facilitators of similar system, kitchen witches, Vodou or Ifa practitioners, natural herbal medicine women, craft persons and anyone in between.

Whatever your reason for joining us, you will be tested and nourished on this journey. Some days will be long, others will be restful, no two will be alike. The rewards for those on an apprentice path is filled with wonder, richness and nourishment.  We sit in circles, we set up altars, and sometimes we walk in silence and observe, identify nature ancestors, journal, explore our environment, create spellcrafts, create tools, and learn in community. We flow.

Some Components of the Course Include:
Introduction to the Wisewoman
Community Etiquette

Basic call and response greetings and chants
Student Expectations, Learning Skills and Keeping a Journal
21 Senses Activities (Breath, 1st eye, balance, etc.)
Identification & Consecration of Tools For Your Journey
Ritual and Ceremony Ethics
Fundamentals of Rituals and Ceremonies
Understanding Our Spiritual Ecosystem
Tips for Integrating Wild Woman with the Wise Woman
Totemic/Animal Medicines
Birds of Prey Identification In the Wild
Basic Herbalism For Every Wisewoman’s Home
Sacred dance, chants and their roles in ritual
Introduction to Creative Arts of Womanhood
Preservation of Wisewoman “Culture”
"Witchcraft" From Different Perspectives

Introduction to Smoke Signals (incenses and other tools)
Meditation, reflection, healing, and cleansing are integrated into the Course

Facilitator: Irmina Ulysse + a local guest practitioner or instructor.


Materials Required: We will sell kits or you can bring your own. Unlined Journal, Pen, lead pencil, small adame or knife, small caudron (iron), quickstarting incense charcoal, knife, small scissors, ritual vessels (cloth, wood or similar), bandannas in four colors (black, red, yellow, white), 1 large bandana cotton for creating your face mask (any color or design you love), empty bottle for carrying water from river, ocean or water trips. Please order our spiritual kit at least 7 days in advance so we make enough.

What Else Can You Bring? For our community "altering", bring small items to be placed on our shrine.

Sacrifice: For energy exchange to our elementals, you may bring tobacco, cigars, flowers, fruits, milks, syrups, nuts, crystals, or what you are inspired to bring (biodegradables only). For those on limited income, bring real copper pennies (google it).

Internet Access Needs: Access to Youtube video at home. Access to our website at home.  Facebook group or similar online tool will be created if/when it makes sense.

Tools Provided: As required for each course, we will have certain items on hand as testers.

Optional Tools: Necklaces, incenses and other tools will be available for sale.

Structure of Our Course: This course is designed for anyone interested in exploring wisewoman archetype through mostly experiential (active) participation. We have designed this course to be roughly 1/3 academic, 1/3 spiritual and 1/3 practical.

Commitment Level: The course will require work both in class and at home.  You will need to allocate less than a couple hours a week for at home assignments and prep work. Come with an open mind, respectful attitude, and honor for all things sacred within all.

Location: Most classes will take place outdoors in Maryland; weather permitting. Come prepared to walk in the woods, near ocean, rivers, water, sitting on rocks, ground, and sometimes standing for long periods.  Bring what you need. While you can bring a chair, we may NOT be able to use it every time. Participants should be in good physical condition. Generally our walk is less than 1 mile. However, you may be asked to move up to 3. You are 100% responsible for checking with your physician and taking heal-filled precautions before registering for a course like this. You will be asked to sign a waiver upon registration.

Clothing and other materials: Please wear weather appropriate, comfortable, and sturdy shoes. It is best to dress in layers as for the season and your comfort. Please bring whatever preparations you need for outdoor environment (natural repellents). Bring biodegradable materials and a small trash bag for your trash.  Leave no sign behind.

Weather: Light rain will not stop us, but severe weather, code reds, etc. may require us to reschedule. Please call our facilitators if you have questions.

Meals: We will have waters, fruits and nuts as light snacks for participants. Please bring whatever else you need. Bring extra water, a spoon or fork, a lightweight cup (we use gallons of water to minimize waste), and a lunch if you need it.   NO alcohol or illegal drugs. Be mindful of your allergies at all times. No cooking space will be available. Bring what you need for your wellbeing and nutrition.

Location and Schedule

Participants will receive a detailed schedule of class locations after registration.  In order to start the next course, we need two or more apprentices.

Days: TBD

Times: TBD

Dates: TBD


Introductory Cost for 16 hours:

$40 deposit upon registration

+ $100 (2 weeks)

+ $100 (2 weeks)


Or pay full amount


You also receive 1 year membership in all SodoTutu groups

Receive invites, participate in rituals, and support building our community

General Policy (Refunds/Make ups/No Shows): As a courtesy, I will allow participants to make up a rescheduled session within the following month. Otherwise it is automatically forfeited. Because this is a consumable service that cannot be duplicated, your deposit holds a space for you and is therefore non-refundable. Please know all no-shows are also forfeited.

Work Trades: I am offering 2 partial work trades to the right individuals. You pay $122 in exchange for providing 3 hours of support each session (this may be before, during and/or after each session). Please complete the section on the application form. A phone or in person interview is required.

Application Form

To be completed by all participants.

Registration is not considered completed unless both your deposit and forms have been received. The course is ongoing. Pay for 4 sessions at a time. This course will run throughout the spring and summer.  I will announce the final registration on/before late fall or the last four sessions.

She is always my first choice when planning an event that calls for sacred ritual. I felt honored, cherished, and celebrated during a process that included laughter, song, dance, and adornment with gifts and written remembrances.

Tonya Parker, Laurel, MD