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About me

Irmina "Tutu" Ulysse

Minister Educator Philosopher  Healer Visual Artist  

 Is a sought after coach and teacher on the metaphysics of Ayitian Vodou, sacred dance, ritual and chanting. She helps women become more radiant, certain and elegant by learning to  harmonize pure states of being with the creative nature of dualities. She shares her wisdom through a variety of energy healing methods, presentations, and activities.


My mission is to help others dive into unique, natural states and expressions of intuition using direct spiritual experiences (mystical experiences). To over-stand the nature of their Soul, and to align body, spirits, mind and Soul under the Creator of their understanding.

 As an ambassador,  I support women in deepening of their  consciousness by making myself accessible to those who feel disconnected, who have a great sense of mission but have not been able to put it into words or action. I also help you in increase self-awareness and to support your awakening so you can return to doing the work you came here to do. 

 Through Sodotutu,  we provide resources, training, and tools for you to lead a better and more harmonious life. 


I look forward to working with you! 

Irmina Tutu Ulysse

Interfaith, Multicultural and African Based Traditions   


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