heart as a resevoir of life 

Embrace Your Wholeness

Aimani Youn Orimobe (Irmina Tutu Ulysse) is brilliant new voice in the world of embodied spirituality as a tool for multi-dimensional wellness. A mystic and metaphysician supporting us in the process of allowing, witnessing and accepting our deeper connections to our selves. Her ministry centers on the transformative and evolutionary powers of  multi-dimensional awareness, ritual, family and community. 
"Embracing infinite intelligence, going beyond consciousness, self-determination and self reliance are three pillars which I live my life and they are the gifts I offer to my students and clients."
She offers one-on-one support, online and in person educational resource and a self development system rooted in African diasporic culture. She supports students in the process of 
  • Rediscovering true self and leading a more authentic life (personal mythology)
  • Self-recreation, dominion, and authorship (self determination)
  • Empowerment through critical thought, knowledge, practice, ritual, and understanding
  • Reconnecting and resourcing through inner infinite intelligence
  • Embracing self reliance
  • Reconnection and rooting through a personal  and sacred spiritual practice
  • Self healing through easily accessible and everyday tools
  • Embracing and nurturing supportive community

About Aimani

Aimani Youn Orimobe
(Irmina "Tutu" Ulysse)

 Student of the metaphysics of Ayitian Vodou, sacred dance, ritual, chanting and indigenous  systems. Helping women become more radiant, certain and elegant through systematizing embodiment and learning how to harmonize their pure states of being with the creative nature of dualities.


M"y mission is to help others dive into unique, natural states and expressions of intuition using direct spiritual and mystical experiences. To over-stand the nature of their Soul, and to align body, spirits, mind and Soul under the Creator of their understanding.  As an ambassador and wisdom keeper,  I also maintain ancient wisdom for future generations through systems, writing, and oral traditions. "


I look forward to working with you! 

Interfaith, Multicultural and African Based Traditions   


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