Embrace Your Wholeness

Irmina Ulysse's School of Wholeness™ IUSOW is a family focused vibrant educational resource and spiritual order rooted in African diasporic culture. It is for those linked through the web of lineage of life that are called to co-create and evolve through this understanding without regards to shades of skin.
We offers opportunities for lifelong learners and those seeking certificates to:
  • Rediscover and lead a more authentic life
  • Self-recreation, dominion, and authorship
  • Empowerment through critical thought, knowledge, practice, ritual, and understanding
  • Reconnection and rooting through a personal spiritual lineage practice
  • Be part of a nurturing, supportive community

About Irmina

Irmina "Tutu" Ulysse

 Student of the metaphysics of Ayitian Vodou, sacred dance, ritual and chanting. Helping women become more radiant, certain and elegant by harmonizing pure states of being with the creative nature of dualities.


My mission is to help others dive into unique, natural states and expressions of intuition using direct spiritual and mystical experiences. To over-stand the nature of their Soul, and to align body, spirits, mind and Soul under the Creator of their understanding.  As an ambassador and wisdom keeper,  I also maintain ancient wisdom for future generations through systems, writing, and oral traditions. 


I look forward to working with you! 

Irmina Tutu Ulysse

Interfaith, Multicultural and African Based Traditions   


Training and credentials 

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Healing modalities 


Mission and Vision