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Irmina "Tutu" Ulysse

Is a sought after teacher on the metaphysics of Ayitian Vodou, sacred dance, ritual and chanting. She shares her wisdom through ritual based healing and self-development systems, courses, and her ministerial work.

In my own words:

My mission is to help others dive into unique, natural states and expressions of intuition using direct spiritual experiences (mystical experiences). To over-stand the nature of their Soul, and to align body, spirit, mind and Soul under the Creator of their understanding.

 As an ambassador,  I support you in deepening of your consciousness by making myself accessible to those who feel disconnected, who have a great sense of mission but have not been able to put it into words or most importantly action. I also help you in increase self-awareness and to support your awakening so you can return to doing the work that’s in alignment with the uniqueness of your Soul. As we are all functioning at various stages of development, I see myself as a student of life here to guide those on similar paths.

 Through Sodotutu, Center for Evolutionary Development and School, we provide resources, training, and tools for you to lead a better and more joyful life. We also share practical and universal earth-based solutions, gained from years of study mystical secrets passed down from generations before, that helps you  live in harmony with yourselves, others, and with nature.


Healer, Teacher and Speaker in cross-cultural and Vodou traditions.  

Founder of Sodotutu - a non-localized Healing Ministry.

  Her healing journey was formed early in her youth, followed by a what was later described as a spontaneous Kundalini awakening in 1994. This along with her matrilineal heritage has brought her into her spiritual path exploring Healing Arts, philosophy, and metaphysics. This inner search culminated with several years of intense study and practice since 2011. Irmina's extensive background in health and wellness, and creative arts brings a depth to her Shamanic teachings and healing in which she helps others moving through deep seated emotions using movements, sounds, color and other vibrational healing modalities. Her chanting story telling creates a powerfully transformational healing experience at her events and courses. Irmina is also the author of Metaphysical fiction series.

Born in Piblin (near Petionville) on the island of Haiti, she presently live in Maryland with her life partner.  Her passion and practical experience as a healer stems from being a descendant of community leaders, teachers, herbalist and mystics. Her work bridges gaps between her Haitian/Ayitian  matrilineal spiritual lineage and westernized spiritual science.

While she was raised in nature based traditions, specifically Vodou, Tutu grew up practicing Catholic.  A mystic by birth, her most life altering "out of body" experience happened  at the age of 18. This along with other, helped to change her views on consciousness expansion. As young adult, she rejected her Ayitian traditions and spirituality as legitimate means for personal development because of Western conditioning. Instead, she dived head first into philosophy, then later into psychology and finally into a broad range of self help, eastern, native and "new age" traditions. After college, she spent many years working in marketing, fitness, disease prevention and health as an advocate, teacher and program director.

It was not until 2007 that she began to refocus on her spiritual life from her roots. For over a decade, she trained in spiritual, psychic, and metaphysical systems privately and under several mentors. In mid 2016, she made the jump to full-time work as a minister and spiritual healer. She is currently enrolled as a Doctoral student of metaphysics at University of Metaphysics.  For a comprehensive list of her training, please use link below.

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