Esprits Razin / Sodotutu 

A Sacred Arts Crossroads Promoting  Spiritual Arts of Haiti and Africans in the Americas
 for Healing, Transformation and Growth


I help individuals dive into unique, natural states and expressions of intuition using direct spiritual and mystical experiences. To over-stand the nature of their Soul, and to align body, spirits, mind and Soul under the Creator of their understanding.  As an ambassador and wisdom keeper,  I also maintain ancient wisdom for future generations so to learn the ways of this plan (et), lessen our suffering and thrive.

  • Rediscover your true self and lead a more authentic life (personal mythology)
  • Self-recreation, dominion, and authorship (self determination)
  • Empowerment through critical thought, knowledge, practice, ritual, and understanding
  • Reconnecting and resourcing through inner infinite intelligence
  • Embracing self reliance
  • Reconnection and rooting through a personal  and sacred spiritual practice
  • Self healing through easily accessible and everyday tools
  • Embracing and nurturing supportive community


I look forward to working with you! 

Embrace Your Wholeness

Our services promote Ayitian culture, sacred lifestyle, and metaphysical principles. 

We emphasize a rigorous and integral relationship between learning, personal development and application of spiritual or hidden knowledge.

Our programs fall under two distinct yet integrated systems:
Esprits Razin - Roots spirits focused on our lineage.
Sodotutu - Metaphysical systems integrated many systems.

Courses are online or in person. They are organized  under major categories: 

Research, study, exploration, practice and promotion of Haitian sacred art culture.

BioSpiritReality Healing™ | OsuMarassa Consciousness™ | Sacred Journeys  | DAFA Dance™ 

Mystical Courses, Retreats or Events may fall under both branches - please check in advance of participation. 

Owner and principal Irmina Ulysse is an author, Haitian Vodou wisdom keeper, ordained minister of metaphysics and founder of this school. 

About Irmina

Irmina Ulysse

{Priestess Tutu}

 Artist, metaphysician, and student of Ayitian Vodou, sacred dance, dance and ritual. 

Irmina Ulysse is an expanding new presence in the world of Haitian embodied sacred art as a tool for multi-dimensional wellness. A Haitian wisdom keeper, mystic and metaphysician. She supports us in the process of allowing, witnessing and accepting our seed selves. Her ministry centers on the transformative and evolutionary powers of culture,  multi-dimensional awareness, ritual, family and community. She has written a metaphysical fiction book -Sheya's Quest and Humina, essays on her metaphysical experiences.