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A Place for Healing, Transformation and Expansion

SodoTutu  is an earth honoring community providing a variety of (w)holistic resources for  woman and girls. We provide services and tools for spiritual harmony, cellular regeneration, and personal transformation.  Our system BioSpiritReality and Creative Arc (OsuMarassa) Consciousness is designed to support you throughout your lifecycle. .
We inform, educate and support students of all ages and from all backgrounds.
Our focus is self-empowerment for women, spiritual development, and self healing

Our offering fall under these main categories:
(w)Holistic Coaching (Non-spiritual)
Metaphysical Coaching (Spiritual)
Self Development and Ministry Certification
Energy Healing (Traditional and Modern)
Sacred Arts Courses (Dance, Ritual, Chanting) 
Ministerial Services (Monthly Water Ceremonies)
Women's Support Groups