rediscover your personal mythology
embrace your uniqueness 



We Offer
1:1 Oracle Coaching and Group Courses
for Spiritual Self Development

We serve those practicing or seeking to practice universal spiritual disciplines as a tool for self rediscovery and personal growth!

For Seekers of Inclusive Worldviews

I support women and girls in finding and developing their unique pathways of spiritual independence. We help you dive deeper into your inner radiance, certainty and elegance. We place value on universal laws and disciplines worldwide. We use a much higher level of inclusiveness and oneness. One that includes African diaspora spiritual sciences and ensures all people worldwide have a place at our universal spiritual table.

A Complete System

Our signature system is called BioSpiritReality™ - a unique view on 16 dimensions of the self. BioSpiritReality is a system for inner harmony and alignment with your biological nature, spiritual genetics, and changing environment.

Ultimately, we guide you in the rediscovery of your divine purpose and personal mission.  We offer a variety of signature courses throughout the year and some include certificate of completion. 

Beginners Courses

  • met-a-mor-pho-sis Powers of Wombmyn is an ongoing class which delivers powerful insights on 14 powers of wombmyn. This course does not speak to any one system but to universal principles. This course meets weekly.
  •  Our video mini series on YouTube are free and perfect for the beginner. Course topics vary widely and are designed to help you integrate spiritual knowledge into daily life. Starting in May 2018, we add a new mini course each month.
  • Our free radio series  hOriZone Radio contains over 30 shows which are available on Blogtalk Radio and on YouTube.

Intermediate Courses

  • Our year-long Freedom to Live class supports you in staying true to yourself by learning to gently unfold personal Soul guided changes. Another universal course that can help you regardless of your practice. This course meets monthly.
  • Our Sacred Journeys workshops, presentations, and event includes sacred dance, chanting, ritual workshops, ceremonies and other healing tools and social engagements. These courses vary.

Advanced Courses

  • Our advance AND signature self-development 12 week course OsuMarassa Creative Arc Consciousness™ dives deep the metaphysical sciences of Vodou for personal rediscovery and self ministry. This course is via application.  This course starts 3x a year. 


Our courses are reasonably priced or we also sometimes price them on a tier so they are accessible.  Our courses are also created with the modern spiritualist in mind, so most courses are  also offered online and/or in person. We believe everyone deserves a chance to better themselves.

Facilitators and Instructors

Our classes are taught Irmina (Tutu) as the head instructor and periodically by our special guests.