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Spiral of Life Women's Group

A Place for Inner Healing, Transformation and Expansion

We are a freedom based business and earth honoring community providing a variety of (w)holistic resources for  woman and girls. We provide services and tools that help seekers and spiritualitst turn deeper inwards for greater harmony, regeneration, and personal transformation.  We support girls and women in developing their unique trail of spiritual independence. Each course helps us dive deeper into your inner radiance, certainty and elegance.

Our two signature system is BioSpiritReality™ - a unique view of the 12 dimensions of the self. It  includes classes such as Afro-Caribbean based DAFA™ dance, A Way Forward, OsuMarassa Consciousness™, and Freedom To Live monthly support group.  

Inform, educate and support students of all ages and from all backgrounds
Empower women
Encourage spiritual development
Support self healing
Support inner harmony
Achieve a deeper understanding of inner and outer balance 
Ours are whole systems for:
Greater alignment with your biological nature, spiritual genetics, and environment
Harmonize your natural flow with the duality of creativity for optimum living